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Nikolai Bezroukov Responds to Eric S. Raymond's Response

Oct 14, 1999, 16:41 (25 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Bob Rogers for this link. ]

Nikolai Bezroukov has responded to Eric Raymond's comments on Bezroukov's First Monday Paper on Open Source Development:

"I hope I was able to show that the bazaar metaphor is a superficial and mutually contradictive... Moreover the bazaar model has no predictive power as for the OSS strong and weak points and as such is just an interesting, historically important and pretty nice metaphor -- but that's probably it. I am strongly convinced that an academic model of OSS explains the phenomenon much better. "

"Moreover ERS vulgar Marxism sins (actually pretty similar to RMS sins that he tried to accuse) are not accidental --that are logical consequence of the fact that ESR views are pretty much opportunist and eclectic. Therefore radically different approaches can happily coexist in his papers and he can switch between mutually incompatible approaches as a matter of convenience. Actually I feel that ERS is very evasive - almost Clinton-style politician."

See Bezroukov's complete article for more.