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Current Ports of Linux OS Site Updated

Oct 16, 1999, 17:19 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Linux Today reader Xose writes: ]

I have uploaded a new version of the 'Current ports of Linux OS' page:


The main ports are :

- Special PCs and Near-PCs SGI-Linux (intel-SGI), MCA Linux (MicroChannel), Linux/98 (NEC PC-98), LinuxIA64 (new 64bits-merced- intel chip)

- Motorola processors Linux/m68k (Motorola 68000), LinuxPPC (PowerPC)

- SPARC chips S/Linux (Sun SPARCstations), UltraLinux (Sun UltraSPARC)

- Compaq (former Digital) chips and equipments VAXlinux (VAX computers), Linux/Alpha (Alpha processors)

- Other RISC chips ARM Linux (ARM/StrongARM), Linux PA-RISC (HP's PA-RISC), Linux/MIPS (MIPS chips)

- Handhelds, Microcontrollers, embedded and other small systems LinuxSH3 (Hitachi SH3), Linux/Microcontrollers (Palm,Motorola ColdFire), ELKS (8086-80286), VMELinux (VMEbus embedded systems), LinuxCE (to substitute WindowsCE), PDAs in general

- Microkernels and real-time MkLinux (Linux on Mach µ-Kernel for Apple PowerMacintosh, HP PA-RISC and x86), DROPS (Linux on the L4 µ-Kernel and Fiasco µ-kernel), Real Time Linux (RTLinux and KURT)

- Multimedia Computing, QLinux

- SMP and clustering MOSIX for Linux (a bridge between SMP and MPP), Beowulf Project (parallel clusters), Linux SMP(multiprocesor)

- Misc ports Linux on IBM 370/390, Linux/AP+(Fujitsu AP1000+), Linux-AS/400(IBM AS/400)

- Cool things running Linux Not ports, but who cares?