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mc - Spreadsheet for Linux - released v6.2a Y2K

Oct 16, 1999, 23:31 (4 Talkback[s])


After having decided to license my product "mc" on Linux for free since October 1996, I had some really good input from the Linux community. This ended now in the release 6.2a which was released at 15th Oct 1999.

MacroCALC, or "321" like a couple of users preferred as an alias name for the program, when "mc" is use by other commands, was enhanced and debugged in several areas and made Y2K compliant.

For Linux-user most important - there is a glibc-based version available. Here is the product-README file. Everybody should feel free to contact the places mentioned herein. A copy of the software is ready for download in the WWW homepage.

Axel Reinhold


mc - MacroCALC is a powerful Lotus compatible character based spreadsheet that supports 1000 rows, 64 columns, 40 functions, 8 display formats, file linking, macro program- ming and user definable functions. MacroCALC is fully integrated with [nt]roff, units, man, awk, perl and sh. As it should be in the UNIX-environment, mc can act as a filter enabling users to use pipes to perform complex transforms on streams of data. It contains a C program- ming interface as well as Lotus WKS and dBASE file sup- port. mc's own file-format is flat ASCII, easy to under- stand and can therefore be directly manipulated with awk, perl or other standard UNIX-tools, or even with editors like vi. MacroCALC is the only spreadsheet that manages units: 1 mile + 1 km = 1.62 miles; 1 km / 1 hour * 30 sec = 8.33 m.

mc is a professional product, sold a couple hundred times for UnixWare, SCO, Coherent and Interactive. It's rcs- controlled, lint-clean ANSI-C source is based on yacc, lex and [n]curses. It runs on every terminal or emulation that has a correct terminfo-entry. The user-interface is very convenient and well-known by 1-2-3 users. Function- and cursor-keys and extended video attributes are sup- ported. The menus and messages are in separate editable files and can be easily translated into any language (english, french and german are included. Every command in the package has a detailed man-page. The product is supported by the developers own Internet home- page and eMail address.

Software Agreement

You should carefully read this software license agreement before continuing with installation.

The software is provided "AS IS" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not lim- ited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fit- ness for a particular purpose. The entire risc of the software is with you. In no event we will be liable for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental damages arising out of the use or inabil- ity to use the software, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by another party.


The software on this distribution is NO "freeware", but the unmodified distribution file can be freely distributed in any way. Without a valid license-key (serial number) the system works only as a demonstration program. For Linux and FreeBSD the license is free (but not support!), and the system works with full functionality on these platforms without any key.


To get a license-key for other platforms than Linux or FreeBSD please contact:

/ARX cleanware
c/o Axel Reinhold
Franz-Heinrich-Str. 20
95100 Selb
Fax: +49-9287-8244
eMail: mc@freakout.de
Internet: http://www.freakout.de