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GNOME Summary, October 12-20, 1999

Oct 20, 1999, 21:23 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 16:53:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Havoc Pennington hp@redhat.com
To: gnome-announce-list@gnome.org, gnome-list@gnome.org
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This is the GNOME Summary for October 12-20.

Over 40 new and updated applications this week, have a look at the end of this summary or check out the software map on http://www.gnome.org

Table of Contents

1) The Famous Elliot Lee Interviewed on Linux.com
2) CORBA and The GNOME
3) Red Hat 6.1 Installer uses GNOME Python Technology
4) Dia 0.80 released
5) GTK+/Gnome Application Development now in SGML
6) October GNOME for FreeBSD
7) Hacking Activity
8) New and Updated Software

1) The Famous Elliot Lee Interviewed on Linux.com

Nat and Miguel also have cameos in this interview:


2) CORBA and The GNOME

There's a CORBA and Bonobo tutorial available now, thanks to the efforts of Mathieu Lacage and Dirk-Jan C. Binnema. It has diagrams and everything; a nice document.


Of course the diagrams were created with Dia, the GNOME diagram editor and a component of the GNOME Workshop office suite.

3) Red Hat 6.1 Installer uses GNOME Python Technology

Red Hat 6.1 appeared on store shelves Monday, with a shiny new graphical installer written with James Henstridge's Python bindings for GNOME. This is a nice example of GNOME in production use, showing off the utility of language bindings.

4) Dia 0.80 released

Speaking of Dia ;-) Alexander Larsson announced a new release this week. It includes James Henstridge's work to allow new shapes to be defined in XML (a subset of the SVG standard). This means you can extend Dia to have new diagram elements without writing any code.

Find the announce here:


5) GTK+/Gnome Application Development now in SGML

Thanks to Dave Mason, my book is now in DocBook format; this means we have nice HTML and PostScript versions.

The new HTML is on the book page, here:


I'll get PostScript and tarball HTML up there shortly, you can also generate those from CVS using the db2* scripts as for other GNOME modules.

6) October GNOME for FreeBSD

Announce here:


7) Hacking Activity

Module Score-O-Matic:
(number of CVS commits per module, during this week)

76 gtk--
53 entity
42 libgtop
36 gnome-core
36 dia
34 gimp
29 gnumeric
27 mooonsooon
26 glade--
23 gnome-libs
22 gnome-games
21 libsigc++
21 gnomeweb
15 gnome-pim
14 gnome-vfs
14 dr-genius
12 gtkhtml
11 oaf
11 gxsnmp
11 gnome-chess
10 goose
10 bonobo-doc
10 beast

User Score-O-Matic:
(number of CVS commits per user, during this week)

84 kenelson
46 martin
43 martijn
33 imain
29 christof
25 mback
23 unammx
20 mwimer
19 jirka
18 hp
17 sopwith
16 mmeeks
16 kmaraas
15 jpr
15 ettore
14 timj
14 rasta
13 jrb
13 itp
12 hallon
11 glaurent
11 alexl
10 trow
10 jamesh
10 eskil
10 davidsa

"OAF" (Object Activation Framework) hit CVS; this is Elliot's replacement for the current libgnorba activation system.

There was a new release of the Goose statistical library, with quite a few enhancements.

Anders Carlsson checked in GtkHTML, a port of KHTMLView. It isn't quite complete but the basic framework is in place; it's translated to C and the GTK+ object system. The API is pretty much the same as the original widget. This gives us a lightweight HTML widget for simple tasks, to be complemented by an embeddable Mozilla component and perhaps the new GtkXmHTML if anyone completes the work for that. Between the three alternatives, HTML should pretty much be covered. :-)

8) New and Updated Software

LED Counter - applet that counts things
gimon - ISDN monitor applet
Xwhois - Whois frontend
gnome-chess - Chess interface
gbox_applet - biff-style mailbox watcher applet
Gnome Toaster - CD writer
Emma - Money manager (income, expenses, etc.)
GPacman - Pacman clone
guile-gtk - Guile bindings for GTK+
irssi - IRC client
oregano - Electrical Engineering Tool
sawmill - Nice clean window manager
gproc - process list
gvidchanger - Applet to switch video resolutions
gnupaghe - version -0.0.1
elknews - news reader
galway - web site editor
Atomix - mind game
gnofin - track checking/savings accounts
Eucalyptus - Email application
Electric Ears - Audio player/editor
Gaby - Personal database manager (addresses, etc.)
libgtop - library for getting system information
gtop - system monitor application
gnome-utils - GNOME utilities package
gnome-python - Python bindings for GNOME
gnome-pim - Calendar/address book
gnome-games - GNOME games package
esound - Sound library/daemon
ORBit - fast, light ORB
gdm - xdm replacement
gnome-libs - GNOME libraries
gnome-media - GNOME media apps
gnome-core - GNOME core (panel, session manager, etc.)
Gnome QuickRes - applet to change resolutions
gaddr - address book
Pan - news reader
gReporter - database reporting
gnome-ttt - tic tac toe game
GSnes9x - Nintendo emulator
Quest - role-playing game
gerk - applet for using one-button mice
teatime - time your tea-making

See the software map on www.gnome.org (or Freshmeat) for more information about any of these packages.

Until next week -


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