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More VA Linux IPO News [Updated]

Dec 10, 1999, 18:34 (3 Talkback[s])

For those of you who can't get enough news about the VA Linux IPO, we present you with the following links:

The Washington Post published A Historic Debut on Wall Street by John Schwartz. (As seen on lwn.)

"A company that helps computer owners break away from Microsoft, VA Linux Systems Inc., became the stock market's latest bottle rocket yesterday, with share prices shooting up nearly sevenfold on the first day of trading."

USA Today posted VA Linux offering provides spectacle 'It is crazy': Software firm's shares soar 698% by Matt Krantz and David Henry. (As seen on lwn.)

"VA Linux's products are easy to copy because its computers are built with readily available pieces, such as Intel chips, says Cory Ostman of AlertIPO. ''Its advantages are not defensible at all,'' he says. ''Investors are just looking at the last five letters of its name.''

Upside has a brief article about entitled Linux Fever by Wendy Sharp.

"It's beginning to look like the only person who isn't getting rich off Linux is Linus Torvalds."

The Financial Post published IPO feeds Linux frenzy by Stephen Miles.

"The arrival of what most analysts say is the most complete Linux-related company spurred other plays on the upstart computer operating system to extend recent mind-boggling gains."

BBC News posted Linux shares rocket.

"Wall Street's love affair with everything to do with the Linux computer operating system continues."

Finally, GomezWire published IPO Corner: Lining Up Linux by Tom Taulli.

"It was a classic IPO "no brainer." In other words, everyone knew that VA Linux would be huge. But did anyone really think it would go from $30 to $239 1/4?"