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Dec 24, 1999, 07:45 (3 Talkback[s])

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Memory-HOWTO, Opera Technology Version released, opens its doors, lxpServ web application server, Free ISPs and Linux, CPAN Modules - Documentation, RRT2 and Drivers Message-board, New Apache PHP MySQL Guide and New Networking Howto released.

  • Jamin Gray writes:

    "Memory-HOWTO 1.0 has been released!

    The Unix/Linux mindset is one of education and intellectual growth. I've written a piece on memory training techniques which I think many of you will be interested in reading."

  • Mapu sent us this information from, opera.linux newsgroup

    "Opera Technology Version released

    Hi all, the first technology preview has now been uploaded to Metalab, and will probably end up in it's proper place in a few hours. Also, we have uploaded an RPM to as well.

    Do NOT send us or me email concerning this version. I repeat, do_NOT_ send email to us about that version.

    We'll make an official announcement on Monday, when our webmaster is back.

    Thanks for your attention, followup set.
    - --
    Tollef Fog Heen"

    [ If you have problems with the above link, try this one. lt-ed. ]

  • We received this announcement from three55ml:

    " opens its doors.

    After careful consideration of Linux software needs, the Box 5 Network is pleased to announce the release of it's flagship site for the Linux community, aims to provide an easy and fast interface to a large index of applications. To create less confusion, we do not store separate index entries for each version of an application, rather we only link to the most recent development and stable versions. We do not attempt to store information about the application on our server other than the links to its important information and a description. On top of the application index rests reviews, message boards, and editorials. With the help of the Linux community and application developers, this site will grow quickly to become a powerful and easy system to locate applications."

  • Joshua Drake writes:

    "CommandPrompt Software is proud to announce the first public release of its lxpServ web application server. lxpServ, released under the QPL is a unique application server written in the "c" language allowing anyone who can write base HTML code to use a high level interface to create dynamic Web Sites. The most unique feature of lxpServ is its ability to interface with other programming languages such as PHP.

    Anyone seeking to increase productivity in their web design and decrease the amount of actual code they must write should take a look at lxpServ!

    CommandPrompt can be found here.
    lxpServ can be downloaded here."

  • George Mitchell writes the following:

    As a new PC reseller in California, I have been attempting to market Linux desktop machines to those folks who simply cannot afford a Windows computer and all of the pricey software that is required for their basic computing needs. Linux freeware meets almost all of their needs. However one of the questions I have been faced with is whether or not they can have access to free ISPs with a Linux computer. I posed this question to both NetZero and via email and got the following responses:

    A polite response from NetZero:

    Dear George,
    Thank you for your interest. There has been much interest in a Linux version however Linux and other operating systems are not under development, nor do we have immediate plans to begin software development for these systems.

    Please check back with us by visiting to find out the latest information on NetZero software development.

    NetZero Customer Care

    And a more direct response from

    We do not have software that would allow Linux to maintain a connection to us nor do I know of any plans to develop it in the foreseeable future.

    Michael Wilson
    Level II Technical Support

    I find these responses interesting in light of the fact that people on limited incomes could be a natural target audience for the kind of advertising supported services these companies provide."

    George Mitchell
    Chinilu Systems
    Eureka CA

  • Shane Adams writes:

    "CPAN Modules - Documentation Available Online

    Hello - I've taken every package from CPAN and put the package's documentation online. The doc's are now searchable. To search for say 'Net::SMTP' use the query syntax of 'Net SMTP'.


  • Natas writes:

    "RRT2 and Drivers Message-board on!

    We now have 2 new boards up at the Loki Portal Page. Everyone was asking for the Driver section. So there ya go. Post all your issues with Drivers or what-not!

    The Driver Message-board
    The RailRoad Tycoon 2 Message-board"

  • Joey writes:

    " New Apache PHP MySQL Guide.

    DJG's Apache-PHP3-MySQL HOWTO
    Many people have asked how to configure Apache to work with PHP3-MySQL support so I decided to write this guide. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to use PHP3 on your webserver, to connect to your MySQL databases.
    Full Guide available at"

  • Joshua Drake writes:

    "LinuxPorts.Com: New Networking Howto released

    The December release of the Networking Howto is now available. New in this release is the section:

    Advanced Networking with Kernel 2.2

    This section gives a brief overview of the usage of the new IP tools available for Kernel 2.2 of the Linux OS.
    We are asking for anyone that has knowledge of the 2.2 tools and is willing to help document them to please contact us at

    The document can be viewed here."