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Linux Gazette: LinuxThreads Programming

Dec 26, 1999, 19:37 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Matteo Dell'Omodarme)

"LinuxThreads is a Linux library for multi-threaded programming. LinuxThreads provides kernel-level threads: threads are created with the clone() system call and all scheduling is done in the kernel. It implements the Posix 1003.1c API (Application Programming Interface) for threads and runs on any Linux system with kernel 2.0.0 or more recent, and a suitable C library."

"A thread is a sequential flow of control through a program. Thus multi-threaded programming is a form of parallel programming where several threads of control are executing concurrently in the program."

"Multi-threaded programming differs from Unix-style multi-processing in that all threads share the same memory space (and a few other system resources, such as file descriptors), instead of running in their own memory space as is the case with Unix processes. So a context switch between two threads in a single process is considerably cheaper than a context switch between two processes."

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