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LinuxGames.com: Linux vs. Windows in Quake 3 Arena Performance

Jan 31, 2000, 18:15 (1 Talkback[s])
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[ Linux Today reader Matt Matthews writes ]

"At LinuxGames, we've just put up an article showing the performance difference between Linux and Windows when playing Quake 3 Arena with a 3dfx Voodoo3 card. Benchmarks are given showing the results using various drivers in each OS, including with the XFree86 4.0 snapshot drivers in Linux and the WickedGL drivers in Windows. This comparison gives an honest look at how well the drivers for each OS are tuned."

"The bad news is that in practical playing situations, the more polished Windows drivers provide the best performance for playing Quake 3 Arena. And if you want the very best performance, you should use the WickedGL drivers. But, as I see it, the good news is that at 800x600 and below, Linux isn't that far behind. Assuming that the drivers can be optimized to increase the performance at 1024x768 and higher, Linux may eventually be competitive across the board. Certainly, Linux is far ahead of where it was just a year ago, both in performance and stability. So, as I normally play at 800x600 anyway, I'll continue playing Q3A in Linux and forego booting into Windows every time I have the desire to frag someone."

"Additionally, the windowed OpenGL performance also looks very promising. In order for Linux to be a contender in the professional workstation market, it will have to provide top-notch OpenGL acceleration..."

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