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Control-Escape: Introducing WordPerfect 8 for Linux

Feb 12, 2000, 18:59 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Vince Veselosky)

"There are two ways to download WordPerfect, either as one big file (about 25MB) or as several pieces. If you chose the one big file method, you should end up with a file called GUILG00.GZ. This is the first problem you will run into (okay, the second, the first is completing a 25mb download!). The file should have been called guilg00.tar.gz, because it is tarred and then gzipped and Linux is case sensitive with the default being lower case. If you use the Linux version of Netscape to download it, the file naming scheme will be further aggravated by Netscape, which tries to be helpful by unzipping *.gz files when it downloads them, but neglects to remove the .gz file extension. So when the download is complete, you are left with a file called GUILG00.GZ that should have been called guilg00.tar...."

"The first thing you'll want to do is personalize your copy of WordPerfect using the "Preferences" menu. There's a place for your name and initials for times when it wants to insert those in documents. It defaults to your login name, so you may want to change this. The important thing for me was to hit Preferences, Files and point it to my default data directory. WordPerfect defaults to your $HOME directory, but mine is so cluttered with config files and automatically created junk that I have a subdirectory called "Data" where all my real files are stored. Setting the default folders for all kinds of files is easy, as is opening and saving files, thanks to WordPerfect's nifty file manager. (Just press the browse button!) You can also change the color scheme, design your own custom status bar (called the "Application Bar"), and adjust various other visual properties from here. I'll leave it to you to explore...."

"Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux is a solid word processing program with a few kinks to be worked out. Although it does its word processing job very well if you use it alone, its weakness in interoperability with other software makes it hard to migrate from another word processor. Its HTML support is good, but not good enough to use it as a professional web development tool."

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