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Minivend 4 released

Feb 28, 2000, 17:18 (0 Talkback[s])

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(Minivend is a leading open-source Web store. -- lt ed.)

****** message to minivend-announce from Mike Heins ******

Announcing Release of Minivend 4.


Note to the user list: I have been using Minivend 4 in production now for two months. It has taken tens of thousands of orders. I think it is time to bite the bullet and release. 8-)

Minivend 4 is an extensive rewrite of the Minivend software. Though many things will be compatible with MiniVend 3, some will not.

Major new features are almost too many to mention, so I won't in this forum. Read the WHATSNEW and documentation for the most complete description.

In particular MiniMate (thanks to Stefan Hornburg) and the demos have been extensively reworked. Some highlights:

  • Added "basic" demo with bare-bones set of MV features, no __VARIABLE__ defines, etc.
  • Added multi-level order pages, selectable at makecat time.
  • Added demonstration of downloadable products.
  • Built-in support for all sorts of payment schemes. A "signio" and an "authorizenet" routine will be provided eventually; integration with other payment systems should be a relative snap.
  • HTML fixed (somewhat).
  • MySQL and PostGres should install out of the box. PostGres still has some userdb problems due to arcane SQL syntax that I don't understand.

MiniMate is now strongly recommended -- it is greatly improved. Highlights:

  • Security/login is handled within userdb and should be transparent. You can supplement it with HTTP auth if you want, but for most purposes it should be sufficient.
  • Individual user profiles can be created so that certain users can only edit certain tables (and rows and columns). You can also limit the set of features they see.
  • Meta-information, a little-known feature of MiniMate, has been supported with a display editor. This allows you to custom-tailor the display of certain fields in the edit screens.
  • Some menus have been cleaned up and simplified.

I believe this software is a great improvement over MiniVend 3 -- only time will tell if you agree.


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