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Python-URL! for February 28, 2000

Feb 29, 2000, 05:08 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Fredrik Lundh)

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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 23:01:44 -0600 (CST)
From: Fredrik Lundh <<a href="">
Newsgroups: comp.lang.python
Subject: Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Feb 28)

Help wanted:

Andrew Kuchling: Maintainer needed for the curses module

David Ascher: Call for Patch for Borland compiler Python Knowledge Base

New mailing lists:

ASP scripting with Python:

Glenn Norton announces a small study group for Python newcomers:

More Python-related projects move to sourceforge:

Numerical Python:

Bernard Herzog's Sketch:

Alessandro Bottoni reviews John Grayson's 'Python and Tkinter programming,' and likes what he sees:

Over at the software carpentry, Philip Wadler discusses how to 'embed' a make-like tool in Python:

From the newsgroup:

Tim Peters: Fun with Lazy Streams (errata)

Tom Bryan: How to configure Emacs to use Python

Tim Peters: Performance penalties when using nested functions

Fredrik Lundh: How to do file locking on Windows

Aahz Maruch: How to use threads (a simple threading example)

Fredrik Lundh: extracting hyperlinks from an HTML document

Tom Bryan: Comparing Perl and Python

Jamie Zawinski: Tabs versus Spaces: An Eternal Holy War

Jay Graves wants to run Python on AS/400:

Andreas Otto: proposes a 'token-stream compiler' for Python (in german)

The annual GUI war came and went. Highlights: Gerrit Holl: Python GUI Comparision

Guido van Rossum: Tkinter vs. wxPython

Peter Funk: Tkinter works with Tcl/Tk 8.3.0

Lyle Johnson: Python bindings for the FOX user interface toolkit

Fredrik Lundh: Some notes on Tkinter performance

Kevin Rogers: Where to find Tkinter documentation

Fredrik Lundh: How to print stuff from Tkinter

Kevin Cazabon: How to make sure Tkinter images stay on screen

Robin Becker: Tkinter stubs for dummies

On the lighter side: Martijn Faassen explains why Tim Peters must be invisible:

Will Ware: Phyththon misspelling contest

Egbert Bouwman: a regular expression that matches all possible spellings of the word 'python' (from 'pitn' to 'phphphieyythonne'):

...and finally, Francois Pinard wonders what a 'killer app' really is. Bill Gates has the answer:

Everything you want is probably one or two clicks away in these pages:'s Python Language Website is the center of Pythonia

eff-bot's complements this digest with his daily python url

Much of Python's real work takes place on Special-Interest Group mailing lists

Python Consortium emerges as an independent nexus of activity

The Vaults of Parnassus ambitiously collects Python resources

Python To-Do List anticipates some of Python's future direction

Python Journal is at work on its second issue

Links2Go is a new semi-automated link collection; it's impressive what AI can generate

Archive probing trick of the trade: threaded&showsort=date&maxhits=100&groups=comp.lang.python

Previous - (U)se the (R)esource, (L)uke! - messages are listed here:

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