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The Haus: Interview with Thomas Frieden [on Linux Shogo Port]

Mar 27, 2000, 19:12 (0 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to Joe Wright for this link. ]

"On January 19, 2000, it was announced that Monolith had extended their agreement with Hyperion Software to port Shogo: Mobile Armor Division to Linux in addition to the Mac and Amiga ports originally agreed upon. I am obviously a big fan of Shogo and have recently become interested in Linux. As a matter of fact, my system now dual-boots to either Windows98 or Red Hat Linux 6.1. Wanting to know more about the Linux port, I sent email to Thomas Frieden who is the project leader for Shogo/LithTech at Hyperion Software. He was kind enough to send along the following responses."

"A.T. Hun: Why did Hyperion decide to do a port of Shogo to Linux?"

"Thomas Frieden: All of us at Hyperion are die-hard Amiga fans. But we also look at other markets, and next to Amiga, we consider Linux as some sort of distant cousin, a strong community much like the Amiga, so we also decided to work on that."

"A.T. Hun: What is the greatest challenge in porting a Win32, Direct3D game to Linux?"

"Thomas Frieden: Well, it's getting the Win32 and DirectX stuff out of it :). That's most of the work. Direct3D and especially DirectDraw are the most critical parts, as well as DirectMusic. There are other considerations, like byte ordering, which is no problem on an x86 based Linux, but on PPC and Alpha. Then, there's also some small work to be done to come across compiler specific constructs. But in the case of Shogo, we are using gcc on Amiga and Linux version, so this is no issue anymore."

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