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GNOME 2.0 Steering Committee minutes

Mar 30, 2000, 02:51 (6 Talkback[s])
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Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 10:52:38 -0500
From: Miguel de Icaza miguel@helixcode.com
To: gnome-announce-list@gnome.org, gnome-hackers@nuclecu.unam.mx
Subject: GNOME 2.0 Steering Committee minutes.

Hello guys,

Here are the notes from the first meeting of the GNOME 2.0 Steering Committee that was held on March 28, 2000 at 16:00 GMT.

Scan for [+] for topics that we did not discuss, that we might want to discuss now regarding April GNOME.

These are the notes I took from March 28th meeting:

* Mission Statement.

A sub-committee will prepare the by-laws and prepare the document for creating the GNOME Foundation.

The proposal will be submited to this committee, we will talk about it, and eventually drop it on gnome-hackers for further debate and final approval.

The GNOME Foundation startup team will be composed of Jonathan, Elliot and Bart.

* Meta-meeting issues

For each meeting, we will have an organizer that will setup the lists of topics to discuss for the next meeting and will coordinate the meeting.

We will have meetings every two weeks on mondays at 16:00 GMT (That is 11:00 EST)

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 10th, 2000

* Widgets, components.

We need to address the problem of pluggable widgets and having applications sharing widgets without plugging them into Gtk+ or Gnome-Libs.

Bonobo-based components are too heavy-weight and Bonobo is too inmature to be used as our component architecture.

btw, Maciej: in Windows, the DLL that contains controls contain COM components.

There are multiple solutions, but we could not reach a concensus over the phone line.

Owen, Havoc, Maciej and me will be discussing that topic and propose a solution to the committee.

* Versioning of GNOME

We want to move the versioning system to something that enable users to see a progression.

We want to avoid playing marketing names with the versions, and this is something we will run into. Fighting the `but it is not correct' fight in my opinion is a lost cause.

Maciej suggested we bump up the major number only for platform changes, and we bump the minor number for other changes. Agreed, month names are going to run out after 12 releases, they do not give a clear picture of what came before what, and we have the Debian evidence that nobody can ever recall if Potato comes before Woody or the Dog.

I said that the system had the problem that we hopefully are not planning on changing the platform API in the next few years, and that it would delay the apparition of GNOME 3.0 a lot, and that the user-level stuff might play a more important role in the naming scheme than the platform.

We agreed that people would come up with a various naming schemes for GNOME that could be used to track the evolution of GNOME.

We agreed that we should stick to the policy (for users to complain `hey that is not really 3.0'). But even with a policy like in Linux, Linus still does what he feels like doing.

* Gnome Utils needs maintainership

Various tools there might be useful, and we have reached a point where Jaka has removed ghex from there to make it not be associated with sucky tools.

Martin Baulig has done some work on maintaing it, and recently two people have submited patches to it, but we need to do more.

Gnome-su is very important, and Ramiro Estrugo even submited some code yesterday that we could use. He needs to work with Martin to get this thing sorted out.

* GNOME Core

Jacob said that Gnome Core and Gnome Applets are pretty stable and they should be ready to go out in the very near future. Just a few patches are pending.

The documentation team has done a terrific job, and they have added documentation to pretty much every applet on the distribution now.

We decided that by Tuesday we should have any new .desktop entries into Gnome Core for the translations team to translate to attack the problem of applications that users do not see on their desktop, as we do not probe for them.

I will be posting a message to gnome-list to assemble the missing desktop files.

* GNOME translations

We lack good GNOME tools for helping translators update the GNOME translations. There is one in the works. It is not finished.

[+] We need to think about giving proper time to the translators to update all of the packages that we will release for April GNOME, or it will look unpolished.

* Gnome TODO

We need to assemble a list of tasks people can contribute to.

We do not want it to be too detailed that people are scared to not contribute.

But we want to make it visible. Keeping an archive perhaps of "Projects of the Week".

Dave will help setting up the web site. Havoc will help infrastructure wise with the TODO stuff by reusing some of the Gtk TODO scripts. Havoc closed with "The Labs can take care of it", or something similar :-).

* April GNOME package list.

Jacob will post an initial list of packages that will be part of April GNOME, and we can hopefully finish it.

[+] The Web site for internationalization needs to be updated to cover those packages, and perhaps we need tarball releases from the latest CVS branches that are part of the release for translators to work from.

* The new web site information.

This is from Joakim:

> That's it, folks. In general, there's a lot to do, but I think it can be done
> in a reasonable time, say three or four weeks, if we can throw some manpower
> at it from different directions. The great thing is that it's extremely eazy
> to parallelize a lot of this, and given the existing WML structure where most
> of the design is separated from the actual content, it's going to be quite
> easy to manage in parallel too, even with a lot of people working on it.

I will post in a separate mail his entire message.

I will ask him to give us a date for going live.