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LinuxFocus: Arkeia, a commercial and professional network backup solution

May 06, 2000, 17:58 (2 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Georges Tarbouriech)

"Arkeia was first selected because of its support of many OSes. Backup servers can be: AIX 4.1, DEC Alpha Unix 4.0, HP-UX 10, IRIX 6.2 and up, Linux 2.* (x86), Solaris 2.5 and up and NT 4.0 Server Intel. Backup clients can be: the same as the servers plus a lot more, such as SCO v5 (Intel), BSD 3.0, 4.0, Novell 4.11, FreeBSD 2.2.6, Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 Server (Alpha) and NT 4.0 Workstation (Intel). This list is not exhaustive and new OSes are added all the time."

"...Arkeia uses a GUI on the server side. You need to log into Arkeia through a login window from where you have access to every task specific window backup management. These windows are opened from a tool-bar menu, contextual menu or from icons. All this can be configured according to your taste (predefined backgrounds or color of your choice). There is not much more to say as everything is obvious and user-friendly. On Unix the GUI (graphical user interface) will work with most window managers."

"Arkeia uses a parallel backup technology through a TCP/IP network. A backup server manages the tape drives and gets the data from the clients using multi-flow. It operates according to client/server standards using shared memory and message queues. IPC (Inter Process Communication) has to be perfectly configured on your backup server. The user manual will teach you how to tune your backup server. The configuration is quite logical: you need to install client software together with server software on the backup server and client software on the clients. So far, so good! On the server side you'll have to define everything concerning tape drives, drivepacks, tape pools, tapes and savepacks."

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