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OLinux.com.br: General Graphics Interface Project (GGI) is coming to improve Linux Graphics

May 08, 2000, 15:22 (1 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Fernando Correa for this link. ]

"Olinux: Please, introduce yourself and our workgroup.

Steffen Seeger: I am working with the General Graphics Interface Project (GGI). The GGI Project is developing a suite of libraries, that should allow applications to output graphics using a common Application Programming Interface no matter what the actual underlying mechanism (target) is. For instance, you can run GGI applications directing output to an X window, but also run the same application fullscreen using output to SVGAlib, frame buffer devices etc. I am mainly working on design and implementation of the Kernel Graphics Interface (KGI), a part of GGI. KGI should provide the neccessary Operating System services to allow several applications to share the graphics hardware safely."

"Olinux: What is GGI?

Steffen Seeger: A general graphics interface. Strictly speaking it is a set of libraries that allow you to write programs that can do graphics output on any so-called target. A target is a generalized output device that is capable of doing graphics output. This way you may for instance run the same program in an X11 window, fullscreen using SVGAlib or fullscreen using fbdev. Also, there are so-called wrappers which translate other application programming interfaces into GGI, so that you may - for instance - run SVGAlib programs on any target GGI supports."

"Olinux: What are the most important innovations and future in all GGI projects?

Steffen Seeger: As far as I know the ability to run the same application in any environment, from a simple terminal window to a full screen video wall is unique to GGI. As far as the kernel part is concerned, I think we could claim to have done some important steps towards a flexible console system the first time."

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