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LinuxWorld: Coexisting with QNX

May 18, 2000, 21:35 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Joe Barr)

"The embedded-OS maker borrows a page from the Linux book... There are those who say that Linux has a bigger future in embedded systems than on the desktop. So it's good to know that a few entrenched players in the embedded market seem willing to play nice."

"The product they have on the market today is QNX 4. It's still somewhat Unix and POSIX compatible and still for the embedded and RTOS market. It's a very respected commercial offering, as evidenced by the 10th QNX conference noted above. But a lot of things are about to change. Actually the change began a couple of years ago, when QNX began to design its next-generation product, the Neutrino microkernel. Dodge and Bell knew they wanted to adhere more rigorously to the POSIX standard, so they looked for a model. They looked at Solaris and BSD before choosing Linux as the one with which they felt most comfortable. So as they've designed the APIs for Neutrino, they've leaned toward the Linux model whenever they've had to decide one way or the other. "

"They've also developed Photon, a scalable micro-GUI to go with Neutrino. Photon shows a Linux influence by its support of X to enable X Window applications to run on it transparently. But that's not all. As Neutrino and Photon have gotten closer to market, QNX has decided to make a number of significant changes in the way it does business. The goal is to get the product in the hands of a lot more people. QNX's timing is good because by all accounts the embedded market is getting ready for boom times."

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