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Byte.com: QNX, Linux, And Windows - OS niches and evolutionary strategies

May 30, 2000, 21:00 (8 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Jon Udell)

"What is QNX? It's a 32-bit, Unix-like real-time OS. The demo to which Jonathan refers shows that sophisticated, modern, and powerful software can be delivered in a very small package. Specifically, the QNX demo includes:"

  • "The QNX OS microkernel (just 45KB). It's highly modular, letting QNX bundle just the services (TCP/IP, modem, graphics, and netcard detection-logic, and drivers) needed for this demo."
  • "The Photon windowing system. Powerful enough to support a full-featured HTML 3.2 browser, but way smaller (also 45-KB) than X or comparable services in Windows or Mac OS."
  • "The Voyager browser, derived from the Spyglass modular browser. HTML 3.2, frames, JavaScript, and more in just 400 KBs."
  • "Oh, and just for fun, QNX tossed in its embedded Web server."

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