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Joshua Drake: PPP-HOWTO Beta 1 - Request for Feedback

Jun 06, 2000, 01:44 (3 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to Joshua Drake for this announcement: ]

There is a Beta of the new PPP-HOWTO here. This is the first update to the document in 3 years and we are requesting feedback. The PPP-HOWTO is a Linux Documentation Project document. The updating of the document has been sponsored in part by the Open Source Documentation Fund from
OpenDocs Publishing.

PPP (the Point to Point Protocol) is a mechanism for creating and running IP (the Internet Protocol) and other network protocols over a serial link - be that a direct serial connection (using a null-modem cable), over a telnet established link or a link made using modems and telephone lines (and of course using digital lines such as ISDN).

Using PPP, you can connect your Linux PC to a PPP server and access the resources of the network to which the server is connected (almost) as if you were directly connected to that network.

You can also set up your Linux PC as a PPP server, so that other computers can dial into your computer and access the resources on your local PC and/or network.

As PPP is a peer-to-peer system, you can also use PPP on two Linux PCs to link together two networks (or a local network to the Internet), creating a Wide Area Network (WAN).

One major difference between PPP and an Ethernet connection is of course speed - a standard Ethernet connection operates at 10 Mbs (Mega - million bits per second) maximum theoretical throughput, whereas an analogue modem operates at speeds up to 56 kbps (kilo - thousand bits per second).

Also, depending on the type of PPP connection, there may be some limitations in usage of some applications and services.