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Linux development kernel 2.4.0test1-ac10 released

Jun 06, 2000, 21:44 (0 Talkback[s])


Desktop-as-a-Service Designed for Any Cloud ? Nutanix Frame

Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 18:50:09 +0100 (BST)
From: Alan Cox alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
To: linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
Subject: Linux 2.4.0test1-ac10

These patches are versus 2.4.0-test1 from your favourite kernel mirror
(ftp.*.kernel.org:/pub/linux/kernel/v2.4.0). The patches are in

James Cloos is maintaining diffs between -ac versions at

This has the new VM tweaks. Note that the AIC7xxx SCSI is still not working.

o       Fix the compatibility bug that bit db2          (Christoph Rohland)
o       Fix unlink/rename bugs, remove unneeded lock    (Petr Vandrovec)
o       Clear sin_zero on UDP sockets                   (Frank van Maarseveen)
o       Switch paride/pd to wait_event                  (Tim Waugh)
o       Correct parport console docs                    (Tim Waugh)
o       netfilter: struct memcmp bogosity fix           (Russell King + Rusty)
o       netfilter: conntrack overload crash             (James Morris)
o       netfilter: REJECT when using nat fix            (Rusty)
o       netfilter: more extension misuse checks         (Rusty)
o       netfilter: compat. w/o NETLINK_DEV              (Rusty)
o       netfilter: ip_queue fixes                       (James Morris)
o       netfilter: wierd ftp server fix                 (Rusty)
o       netfilter: recalc src IP only if NAT            (Rusty)
o       netfilter: iptables modcounts                   (James Morris
                                                         + Aki M Laukkanen)
o       netfilter: ICMP errors timeout bug              (Rusty)
o       netfilter: generic & UDP timeouts               (Rusty)
o       netfilter: DoS flood fix                        (Rusty)
o       netfilter: extra frag checks                    (Rusty)
o       netfilter: 'Netstat -M' compat fix              (Rusty)
o       netfilter: client icmp errors NAT fix           (Rusty)
o       netfilter: icmp errors ipchains fix             (Rusty)
o       Export inetaddr notifiers                       (Pekka Riikonen)
o       Tidy up config/includes on lan/a and microtek   (Niels Jensen)
o       Made radio names consistent as pointed out by   (Jan Willamowius)
o       Fix ambassador ATM driver                       (Francois Romieu)
o       Kill parport_enumerate in ppdev                 (Tim Waugh)
o       Fix mkraid oops on non SMP boxes                (Neil Brown)
o       Two liner vm improvement                        (Rik Van Riel)
o       Update microcode driver to not require devfs    (Tigran Aivazian)
o       Update addresses etc for Tigran                 (Tigran Aivazian)
o       DGRS update                                     (Rick Richardson)
o       Small network driver updates                    (Andrew Morton)
        | 3c59x timer, pci ids, smc9194, 3c515 bits
o       Added mouse driver documentation                (me)

o       Fix config.in bugs                              (Tigran Aivazian)
o       Fix DSBR100 sign extension problems             (Randy Dunlap,
                                                         Markus Demleitner)
o       SG updates                                      (Doug Gilbert)
o       Fix scsi hosts stuff                            (Doug Gilbert)
o       Clean up races in use of load_8390_module       (David Woodhouse)
o       IDE updates                                     (Andre Hedrick)
o       Fix dentry leak in ELF loader                   (Paul Campbell)
o       IBM Lan/A adapter driver                        (Alfred Arnold)
o       SK/MCA update                                   (Alfred Arnold)
o       NFS bug fixes                                   (Trond Myklebust)
o       Updated Symbios and NCR53c8xx drivers           (Gerhard Roudier/LSI)
o       pci_enable for lynx iee1394                     (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix config.h dependancies                       (Niels Jensen)
o       Make xconfig keybindings update                 (Kip Macy)
o       Added yet another SB AWE gold variant           (Paul Laufer)
o       Bonding driver fixes                            (Anton Blanchard)
o       Restore the updating of total blocks/old file
        format compatibility in /proc/stat              (Felix Braun)
o       Fix disabling RPC debug                         (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Add USB microtek scanner support                (John Fremlin &
                                                         Oliver Neukum)
o       Add missing include to tuner.c                  (Guus Sliepen)

o       Fix PPC TLB handling, serialize xtime and more  (Cort Dougan)
o       ARM include updates                             (Russell King)
o       ARM arch/arm updates                            (Russell King)
o       ARM driver updates                              (Russell King)
o       Cyberpro FB updates                             (Russell King)
o       David Woodhouse CREDITS entry update            (David Woodhouse)
o       Fix busmouse races                              (Russell King)
o       Kernel locking docs changes                     (Rusty Russell)
o       Reduce probe messages from uss720               (Randy Dunlap)
o       Fix console cursor re-entry                     (Petr Vandrovec)
o       USB hub patches                                 (Johannes Erdfelt)
o       Clgenfb fixes for oopses                        (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix undefined ide_release_dma                   (Niels Jensen)
o       Fix rom enable on Xircom cards                  (Keith Owens)
o       YMF driver updates                              (Daisuke Nagano)
o       Put MAINTAINERS all in the right format to parse(Riley Williams)
o       Fix sis5513 driver oops                         (Tim Vanderleeuw)
o       Fix a missed FX/FXSR change                     (Niels Jensen)
o       NCPfs updates                                   (Petr Vandrovec)
o       IEEE1394 updates                                (Andreas Bombe)
o       Update bttv to rev 0.31                         (Gerd Knorr &
                                                         Rui Sousa)
o       Tidy returns on 3c507 driver                    (Jeff Garzik)
o       Tidy returns on 3c523 driver                    (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix ide config.in formatting                    (Jeff Garzik)
o       Check ioremap return on stradis driver          (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix returns on apne driver                      (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix returns on arlan driver                     (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix dayn returns and module unload race         (Jeff Garzik & me)
o       pci_enable fixes for the avmb1                  (Jeff Garzik)
o       t1pci pci_enable fixes                          (Jeff Garzik)
o       teles pci_enable fixes                          (Jeff Garzik)
o       w6692 pci_enable fixes                          (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix amiga keyboard driver                       (Jeff Garzik)
o       Stallion pci cleanup                            (Jeff Garzik)
o       Minimal timer race stuff                        (Andrew Morton)
o       Via audio doc typo fixes                        (Jeff Garzik)
o       System 5 shared memory updates                  (Christoph Rohland)
o       Remove the page->buffers case from t_i_p()      (Juan Quintela)
o       Fix free_proc_entry bug                         (Andrew Morton)
o       Fix bdflush oops on boot race                   (Russell King)
o       DABusb fixes                                    (Randy Dunlap)
o       HP100 tidyups                                   (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix mkcramfs bug                                (Claudio Fleiner)
o       Cyclades driver updates                         (Ivan Passos)
o       Various fs fixes/race cures                     (Al Viro)
        | Should fix the floppy driver
o       ACPI clean ups                                  (Jeff Garzik)
o       VM algorithm updates                            (Rik van Riel)
o       Fix 21143 tulip driver bug                      (Jeff Garzik)
o       USB scanner updates                             (David Nelson)
o       Update parport and doc howto                    (Tim Waugh)

o       Change in paride maintainer                     (Tim Waugh)
o       Fix AWE wavetable upload oops                   (Takashi Iwai)

o       Fix the IDE damage done in ac6                  (me, Jens Axboe)
o       Update the docbook on kernel locking            (Rusty)
o       Port ymf7xx driver to the 2.4.0test tree        (Jeff Garzik)
o       Bring capabilities more into line with Posix    (Andrew Morgan)
o       Netfilter site has moved, Rusty has moved       (Rusty)
o       -D__SMP__ and config.in cleanups                (Niels Jensen)
o       Put the ENOTTY on failed fasync fix into 2.3    (Rusty)
o       IDE driver update                               (Andre Hedrick)
        | This may break PIIX3 USB, if so can Andre and the USB
        | folks figure it out between them
o       Further VM tuning                               (Rik van Riel)
o       8139 driver updates                             (Jeff Garzik)
o       List ALi in the docs/config for trident         (Ching Ling Lee)
o       Add key bindings to Make xconfig                (Kip Macy)
o       Do elevator accounting before queueing the I/O  (Leonard Zubkoff)
        | DAC960 probably works happily now
o       Stop open() on sockets                          (Chris Wedgewood)
o       Assorted minor cleanups (Statics etc)           (Philipp Rumpf)

o       Truncate_inode fixups                           (Juan Quintela)
o       Olympic driver fixes for PowerPC                (Mike Phillips)
o       Restore old style mem= behaviour                (Hibino Kei)
o       Fix use of abs on loff_t                        (Jakub Jelinek)
o       Fix x86 fpu code/new gcc incompatibility        (Jakub Jelinek)
o       Fix ambassador build with new gcc               (Jakub Jelinek)
o       Ext2 fixes for LFS and others                   (Ted Tso)
o       Fix unused 'page_exception' prototype           (Jan Niehusmann)
o       shmfs doesnt needed to be mounted for sysv      (Michael Riepe)
o       VIA ide driver fixes                    (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o       Fix ipx forwarding bugs                 (Alexandr S. Agranovsky)
o       Remove obsolete CONFIG_PROFILE from S/390       (Gael Queri)
o       Serial driver update                            (Ted T'so)
o       Add Supra 33.6i V+ Int modem to the serial pnp  (me)
o       EEpro100 updates                                (Andrey Savochkin)
o       PCI resource cleanups for                       (Francois Romieu)
        eni             nicstar         zatm            stradis
        aec62xx         ali15x3         amd7409         cs5530
        hpt34x          hpt366          ide-dma         pdc202xx
        piix            trm290          pcilynx         de4x5
        iph5526         rtl8129         skfddi          lanstreamer
        olympic         yenta           3ware           53c7,8xx
        AM53C974        buslogic        advansys        aic7xxx
        atp870u         eata_dma        eata_pio        fdomain
        ips             qlogicfc        qlogicisp       tmscsim
        cmpci           emu10k          trident         ixj
        usb-ohci        clgengfb        matroxfb        pm2fb
        riva fb

        [A few haven't been merged. In paticular I belive it isnt required
         to pci_enable_device the video card is it ? - can a PCI guy answer
         that detail]
o       Updated FXSR/SSE handling code. Can folks       (Gareth Hughes)
        PIII crash on boot try this release
o       Make xconfig fix for old old tk         (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Add htmldocs target                             (Paul Gortmaker)
o       Tulip updates                                   (Jeff Garzik)
o       Drop questionable ide change                    (Andries Brouwer)
o       USB updates for input/hid devices               (Vojtech Pavlik)
o       USB updates for evdev                           (Vojtech Pavlik)
o       Fix incorrect printk in sr.c                    (me)

o       Page aging VM updates                           (Rik van Riel)
o       Fix fasync races/SMP issues                     (Manfred Spraul)
o       Handle menuconfig with on config.h              (Kurt Roeckx)
o       Fix ST-506 probing for IDE                      (Paul Gortmaker)
o       VIA audio needs PCI                             (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Config.in/Naming fixes                          (David Weinehall)
o       Further sjcd compile fix                        (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Libc5 build fixes                               (Kurt Roeckx)
        (Modified by me)
o       Fix ide/makefile bug                            (Jeff Garzik)
o       Devfs registration for isdn tty                 (Christoph Hellwig)
o       Further devfs docs                              (Thierry Vignaud)
o       Further rio makefile fixups                     (Rogier Wolff)
o       Default config/link fixes                       (Niels Jensen)
o       Fix cqcam colour format                         (Claudio Matsuoka)
o       Shuffle mc146818 around for MIPS boxes          (Ralf Baechle)
o       IOC3 ethernet updatess                          (Ralf Baechle)
o       Parport printk tidy up                          (Gunther Mayer)
o       Make SOCK_ constants arch specific              (Ralf Baechle)
o       Parport author email updates                    (Tim Waugh)
o       Fix daisy chain on parport bug                  (Tim Waugh)
o       Thunderlan updates                              (Torben Mathiasen)
o       Fix nbd to work with devfs                      (David Carlson)
o       Remove escaped minixfs debugging printks        (Dave Cinege)
o       Parport locking fixes                           (Tim Waugh)
o       Fix SCSI to follow the rules on INQUIRY v TUR   (Paul Gortmaker)
        | This fixes the ibmmca driver for one
o       Fix missing unregister in cqcam                 (Claudio Matsuoka)
o       Quieten the APIC csum messages a bit            (Keith Owens)


        Correct release of ac3

o       Detect Intel Cascades                           (Dragan Stancevic)
o       RIO build fix                                   (Arjan van de Ven)
o       VIA audio driver docs                           (Jeff Garzik)
o       VIA audio update                                (Jeff Garzik)
o       Add VGA16fb irq fix from 2.2                    (Jeff Garzik)
o       PCI enable devices for                          (Jeff Garzik)
        IXJ telephony   audio skeleton  serial_cb       rocketport
        mxser           pci joystick    cmpci           i2o
        epca            rio             clgfb
o       Fix toshboe dupe Makefile entries               (Jeff Garzik)
o       Tidy netdevice inlines                          (Jeff Garzik)
o       ACPI fixup tidying                              (Jeff Garzik)
o       Zab has moved                                   (Jeff Garzik)
o       Remove extra ifdefs on atm stuff                (Jeff Garzik)
o       Make menuconfig use HOSTCC everywhere           (Niels Jensen)
o       Make cpu types/docs consistent and correct      (Niels Jensen)
o       CD Door locking fix                             (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix MSR build with gcc 2.7.2                    (H Peter Anvin)
o       Small PCI and include changes                   (Grant Grundler)
o       usbfs fixes                                     (Johannes Erdfelt)
o       quieten usb audio messages                      (Pavel Machek)
o       pegasus updates                                 (Petko Manolov)
o       ACM fix                                         (Pavel Machek)
o       Fix maestro compile bug                         (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Fix atm missing symbols                         (Francois Romieu)
o       Poll fixes                                      (Manfred Spraul)
o       Convert ide to new format build files           (Pavel Machek)
o       Remove dead drivers/block comment               (Niels Jensen)
o       Fix module load/unload races                    (Jeff Garzik)
        eni             agpgart         fore2000e       atmtcp
        aztcd           cm206           mcd             optcd
        sjcd            xd              z2ram
o       NCR539x fixes for MCA. Random include fix       (Francois Romieu)
o       Remove dup md partition format fix              (Brian Kress)

o       Add yet another obscure SB variant to the       (Armin Groesslinger)
        PnP table
o       SiS7018/Trident updates                         (Ollie Lho)
o       SiS900 update                                   (Ollie Lho)
o       I2O updates, fix SMP i2o lan                    (Auvo Hakkinen)
o       USB audio fixes                                 (Thomas Sailer)
o       Further APM updates, fix SMP power off          (Stephen Rothwell)
o       Remove extra version.h from clgenfb     (Niels Kristian Bech Jensen)
o       Clean up wdt_pci driver                         (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix config stuff further                (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Do PCI cleanup on SCSI                          (Jeff Garzik)
        3w-xxxx         AM53C974        BusLogic        Advansys
        AIC7xxx         DMX3191d        EATA            EATA-dma
        EATA-pio        FDomain         GDTH            Ini9100
        IniA100         IPS             MegaRAID        PCI2000
        PCI2200i        Qla1280         QlogicFC        QlogicISP

        Maintainers please double check changes to your drivers are ok

o       Do PCI cleanup on NET                           (Jeff Garzik)
        Aironet4500     DEFXX           DMFE            IPH5526
        IOC3-Eth        Toshoboe        Lance           NE
        PCnet32         RCPCI45         Roadrunner      RTL8129
        SK98            Tlan            Lanstreamer     Olympic

        Maintainers please check likewise

o       Statically init the i2o config semaphore        (Juha Sievanen)
o       Fix the eth= command line and extend it         (Pekka Riikonen)
o       Rip out the 2.2 GHOST hack for DVD's            (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix VCD playing on some Plextor drives          (Jens Axboe)
o       Intel 840 GART support                          (Tony Hoyle)
o       Clean up initio resource handling               (Thomas Graichen)
o       Fix COMX compile problems                       (Francois Romieu)
o       Fix incorrect altstk over exec inheritence      (Bruno Haible)
o       Support etherexpress 10 isa (82595FX)           (Aristeu Filho)
o       Fix proc reporting of md                        (Brian Kress)
o       Reorder fs/locks.c but no function changes      (Matthew Wilcox)
o       Come out of APM suspend with interrupts off     (Andy Henroid)
o       Fix procfs sysctl to use structs                (Tigran Aivazian)
o       CPUID/MSR fix                                   (H Peter Anvin)

Base point differences between Alan's tree and Linus

o       Newer sk98 docs
o       Ramdisk defaults to 8192 for S390 (needs cleanup)
o       Debugging reminder on adbmouse
o       Format changes only on atarimouse
o       /proc fixes on kcapi
o       /proc fixes on sg
o       Maestro init cleanup
o       Semaphore for ixj cards
o       Version.h used in clgenfb
o       PLX PCI ids
o       Revert initrd change
o       Ksym fixes for RAID
o       Proc tidyup for ip_chains