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Rivyn's KDE News: KParts/Bonobo Merger Considered - Developers seriously discussing possibilities.

Jun 20, 2000, 00:08 (23 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Rivyn for this link. ]

"It all started out as a normal day on openprojects #kde. However, along came a troll who insisted that we merge kde and gnome and make everything the same between them, more or less. Though I argued whole-heartedly along with the other poor KDE developers until he quieted down, I started thinking about a combined KParts & Bonobo that would allow complete interoperability between KDE and Gnome. So I hopped on over to irc.mint.net #gnome, and found that the same troll was there saying the same things he had been to us earlier. Hmm...not so good. Well it was then that I noticed Rikkus in #kde, and asked him to come over to #gnome and help present a serious discussion, as I lacked enough knowledge in the area to be successful. Rikkus is a developer of KParts, and one of the most mature and well-respected KDE Developers. I thought to myself that Rikkus wouldn't come to Gnome unless it was a cold day in hell, but I guess it must have been, for he joined #gnome right away, and after a few minutes, started presenting a serious discussion. Miguel (a well-known developer of Bonobo) was there as well, and the conversation got very interesting indeed. After a couple hours of discussion debating whether or not KDE could use Bonobo, and why it had opted to use KParts in the first place, as well as considerations towards creating a new product to use in place of KParts and Bonobo, it was resolved that further discussions would continue via E-Mail or by telephone...."

"A merger between KParts and Bonobo, or KDE using Bonobo, will mean complete interoperability between KDE and Gnome. Nautilus could embed the Konqueror HTML engine, for instance. It basically would erase the blocks between KDE and Gnome, and allow limitless interoperability. A very good thing indeed. This isn't about any one desktop environment, it's about the chance of compatability between the two. It's a chance at OpenParts done over, and done correctly this time."

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