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Linux Journal: XVScan

Jun 24, 2000, 12:08 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Marjorie Richardson)

"XVScan is simply xv, with the added option of scanning in artwork. As a result, everything we discussed about xv last month still holds true this month for xvscan, including the fact that it is commercial software. Licensing is $50 US per-installed computer. So, a work group can install XVScan on the computer with the scanner, and though everyone uses it, only one license is required (site licenses available). To use, type xvscan on the command line. The familiar window with the red fish swimming around appears, and clicking on the right mouse button brings up the control window. Clicking on ``About XV'' will give you the licensing information. The difference is seen when you click on ``windows'': there is now a scanner option."

"The area to be cropped is set in the same way as in xv: click the left mouse button in the upper left corner, hold it down while dragging to the bottom right corner, then release. Now click on ``Apply Crop'', and the lines delineating the scanning area will decrease to the defined size. In this case, even with the gamma correction set, the picture is still a bit dark, so I turned off the gamma correction and set the contrast and brightness in order to lighten it up. Since the picture will change each time you change the values, I just played with different values until the picture looked right. The numbers I ended up using were +17 for contrast and +21 for brightness. I also clicked on the ``sharpen'' option under algorithms and added a label..."

"Now, you too can get rid of all those bulky photo albums. Just get a Linux-supported scanner and XVScan, and scan away. Not all Linux-supported scanners are supported by XVScan, only those listed on thier web site at http://www.tummy.com/xvscan/scanners.html. This includes all HP SCSI ScanJet scanners from the IIc to the most recent ones, and two Microtek scanners (E3 and E6 no longer available). Many more scanners are supported by SANE (http://www.mostang.com/SANE/) a free scanner driver that works with the GIMP."

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