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BW: Startup AbsoluteValue Systems Announces World's First Wireless LAN System Developers' Kit

Jun 26, 2000, 21:59 (0 Talkback[s])

"AbsoluteValue Systems, the developers of linux-wlan, the leading Linux Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) driver package, is announcing today the AVS Wireless LAN System Developers Kit. The development kit is a complete package of software, hardware, documentation and source code that allows developers to implement a WLAN system in very little time. AbsoluteValue Systems is also offering support packages with the kit for those needing assistance in completing their designs."

"This kit is ideal for WLAN product companies trying to implement Access Points, for developers of Internet appliances or other embedded systems trying to add wireless to their application, or for researchers doing wireless experimentation," said Brian Mathews, Vice President of Marketing at AbsoluteValue Systems and previously the founder of the PRISM product line at Intersil. "All WLAN products have the same foundational elements. We provide that foundation, complete with source code, so the developer can focus on value-added differentiating features. The kit is really a 'platform for innovation'."

"The scalability of Linux is the key," said Mark Mathews, Chief Technical Officer of AbsoluteValue Systems. "We develop software under Linux which can be easily ported to any target, from high-end workstations all the way down to tiny embedded single board computers like the one included in our WLAN Developers Kit, allowing us to leverage a single effort into many solutions."

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