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32BitsOnline: An updated look at GNOME 1.2

Jun 28, 2000, 05:25 (6 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Rick Bischoff)

"GNOME 1.2 is a good piece of work and their are some differences that will jump out and slap you in the face. The icon spacing is different in the "foot" menu on the taskbar. By default (at least on my system) the pager applet is no longer there...."

"Once you add the pager applet you will soon find out that it no longer contains a 'tasklist' feature. You have to load a separate applet for that too. Does anyone care to tell me of how I might be productive in this environment without the Pager and a tasklist? Anyone?..."

"What did impress me was the progress of the so-called "GNOME Office." GNOME 1.2 comes with the GIMP, Abi Word, Gnumeric and Dia installed. The other two applications, a personal information manager and a three-tiered database front end, aren't quite ready for prime time yet. Abi Word, a word processor that looks almost like a Windows version of Word is really quite nice...."

"And now to the biggest change: Enlightenment is gone. It is no longer the default GNOME window manager. And that is a good thing. The bundlers mention that Enlightenment and GNOME had a lot of the same features that was confusing new users. So they replaced it with Sawmill. To please the new users they change from Enlightenment to Sawmill? Last time I checked, to configure SawMill to its full potential required that you know LISP! Are we so naive to think that new users would rather learn LISP than figure out Enlightenment? I would, but I am a CompSci major and we are weird!..."

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