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Midgard Weekly Summary for 28 of June, 2000 (#42)

Jun 28, 2000, 19:21 (0 Talkback[s])
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Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 10:10:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: parker@momma.mi-recordz.com
To: marty@linuxtoday.com
Subject: MWSvol42


MWS for 28 of June, 2000 (#42)

Current versions:
        Stable: 1.2.5 'Mad King'
        Devel.: 1.4beta.4
        Oracle: 1.2.5 Oracle 8i


It is likely that the Midgard Weekly Summary will become a biweekly publication. I suppose this means the name should be changed to Midgard Summary. The change is due to time restraints. I'll be focusing energy on Midgard documentation.

Thank you

Ron Parker parker@mi-recordz.com

Midgard Weekly Summary volume 42

The Paris, France meetings focused on code development, the yearly MPRy board meeting and an introduction of Aurora, an open source software development firm from Paris, France, to the Midgard team. The code development goals included ascertaining the status of Midgard 1.4, identifying a development path for 2.0 and setting deadlines for the completion of projects. The objectives for 1.4 include support for PHP4, completion of Repligard, a new administration site, populating the function reference with examples, writing a new installation guide, upgrading VMUC to VMUCv1.4 and producing a tutorial that demonstrates the building of VMUCv1.4.

Integration of Midgard Syntaxes Into PHP4

Alexander Bokovoy, maintainer of the 1.4 branch, explained that Midgard can provide PHP users with a sophisticated styling system. The styling system would be a valuable addition for standard PHP, which of course doesn't have a native styling system although many solutions exist on the application level. While there is no official word from the PHP4 team, the Midgard developers have identified benefits for both camps and defined a goal for integrating Midgard's functions into PHP4. According to the Midgard developers, it's a solution for both teams because Midgard will not have to distribute a modified PHP while the PHP team can give there customers an effective styling system.

The first phase of integration will determine what needs to be changed in the Midgard styling system and language scanner. Emiliano Heyns will examine the styling system while David Guerizec studies the language scanner. This investigation will begin July, 1 and conclude by July, 17.

Implementation for these changes are scheduled to begin July, 17 and conclude around August 1. The final result will be a modified, but fully compatible version of PHP4, regardless of the decision of the PHP4 developers to allow integration in the mainstream PHP4 distribution.

Repligard, CodeSnippets

Repligard is a Midgard utility that can pull data from one database and push it to another. It has been decided that there will be a working version of Repligard for 1.4. CodeSnippets, available in the 1.4beta3, provides a comprehensive mechanism for storing reusable code. An application level developer's style guide will demonstrate how to write CodeSnippets.

The combination of Repligard and CodeSnipptes will solve the challange of sharing applications amongst Midgard developers. Many developers have written useful applications but haven't had a convienent way for sharing their work with others. Repligard provides the transport for reusable CodeSnippets. When combined, these features open up the development of applications on top of Midgard by providing it with a C-like shared library system.

Administration Site

Alexander Bokovoy has completed the design phase of a new administration site. Two objectives are to add all available features and allow reusable parts within the administration site. The new administration interfaces include; content, structure, style, events, user management, CodeSnippets, SiteGroup and RepliGard. The functions related to these tools will include; add, rename, delete, copy/move, display, copy empty. All interfaces will include functions for blobs, tree management and extended records.

Bokovoy has completed the design phase of the site. David Guerizec and Bokovoy will implement CodeSnippets and a style guide between July 10 and July 17th. Bokovoy, Guerizec and Patrick Duplouy, Aurora senior developer, will implement the new the site between July 17 and August 1.

Midgard 1.4 Maunal

Documentation for Midgard 1.4 will include a complete installation guide, a site building tutorial and a complete function reference. The function reference is being written by Armand Verstappen, Midgard 1.4 documentation maintainer. The function reference is scheduled to be complete by the end of July. The installation guide will be written by Ron Parker with the help of Emiliano Heyns and Alexander Bokovoy. It is scheduled for completion by July 17. The Building a Site tutorial will be written by Ron Parker and is scheduled for completion by August 14.

A set of writer's pages will be added to the new midgard-project.org site. The pages will include the Midgard manual style guide, active and inactive projects, a list of writers with contact information and the projects which they're working on.

While previous releases of the documentation have been available from the midgard-project site only, it was decided that 1.4 application will ship with a documentation package.

Midgard 2.0

Emilano Heyns, maintainer of Midgard 2.0, has presented an entire rewrite of Midgard for the 2.0 strategy. The most important aspect of 2.0 will be the storage backend. A solution for the backend has not been determined; however, there will be a move away from a direct SQL mapping. This will allow any type of backend storage solution to be incorporated by the user and preserve current implimentations of Oracle and MySQL.

Heyns design for 2.0 will be a modular aproach that is similar to the Apache Dynamically Shared Object (DSO) model. This creates a 2.0 kernel that independent third party developers can program modules for. Development of modules will not require approval or input from the Midgard team.

Heyns has proposed code writing style guide for 2.0. The process of feature writing for 2.0 is; proposal of feature, acceptance by branch manager, design document sent to the midgard-dev mailing list, implementation, api-doc written by the programmer and finally user level documentation written by documentation team and the programmer.

Midgard Publishing Ry Membership

The Paris, France meetings were sponsored by Aurora which is an Open Source web development company that was formed in May 1999. They currently employ 25 people and focus there efforts on website and web application development. Aurora has decided to make monetary investments in the development of Midgard. They hope the Midgard developers will produce an application server that they can develop modules and services like support for. They're also offering a new server and bandwidth.

Aurora has employed four of the Midgard volunteer developers on a full-time basis. This has effectively relieved these people of their former employment concerns and allows them to focus their full-time efforts on the development of Midgard which should accelerate the development of the 1.4, 2.0 branches and the documentation.

About Midgard

Midgard is a freely-available Web application development and publishing platform based on the popular PHP scripting language. It is an Open Source development project, giving you the freedom to create your own solutions in an open environment. Midgard is the tool for creating, modifying and maintaining dynamic database-enabled web services.

-> http://www.midgard-project.org

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