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Technocrat.net: Is there a reason to -use- Open Source software?

Jul 02, 2000, 16:50 (1 Talkback[s])
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"Many people have argued the pros and cons of both Open Source and Closed source, for many years, primarily from the perspective of the software, costs, service, income, etc. In short, stuff that is external to the user. But what about the user? Does it really affect the user as to how the software was developed? I'm going to argue that it does. That the user is as impacted by the developmental method as the software itself. Maybe even more. I'm going to do so, by using an approach that's briefly touched on on the FSF web pages, but which is largely omitted in debates. That is, the Psychology of Open Source."

"What", you might ask, "does Open Source have to do with psychology? Psychology's all that mind stuff, and psychologists rarely agree with each other, anyway!"

"Psychology is a lot of things, and should really be thought of as many seperate fields all lumped into one subject. To simplify things, I'm going to SPECIFICALLY concentrate on the areas of abuse and addiction, as understood in 12-step groups, the works of Scott Peck, John Bradshaw, etc."

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