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LinuxPower: The Linux Desktop Wars; Chapter Two Begins Now

Jul 11, 2000, 12:04 (12 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Christian Schaller)

"For those of us who have been using Linux the last three years, the desktop wars have been a constant factor. We all know the history of how KDE got started and chose to use the Qt library. The ensuing discussion that followed led to the start of the GNOME project which began evolving the Gimp's GTK+ toolkit into a full fledged toolkit.KDE had a head start being almost a year older than GNOME, yet GNOME got lot of support from many important Linux groups like GNU, Red Hat and Debian. Of course KDE wasn't completely without commercial backing, due to choosing Qt they had TrollTech doing all the basic toolkit work for them."

"The stage was set and the two desktops have both evolved of their own accord and in response to the other. Even if both environments had a very common goal, they have taken somewhat different paths, with the GNOME hackers focusing more on getting their infrastructure perfect, while the KDE developers focused more on getting a more fleshed out set of basic applications."

"Of course since both desktops need to have both of these elements the environments are starting to resemble each other again, at least on the surface. GNOME has closed most of the gap between the two desktops in regard to applications and tools with their 1.2 release and KDE is getting a more advanced infrastructure in place with their 2.0 release."

"So as the two projects get ready to roll out their 2.0 releases it can seem that they stand shoulder to shoulder in the battle for users. While it is hard to get good figures it seems like the GNOME community have managed to close the gap in user mass that KDE managed to establish as a result of being first to market and as a part of that also having a maturity lead."

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