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Free Pascal compiler version 1.00 is officially out!

Jul 12, 2000, 16:42 (8 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Georgi Georgiev (Skeleta) for this announcement. ]

Announcement from FreePascal mailing list:


It is with great pleasure that the Free Pascal Development Team announces that Version 1.00 of the Free Pascal compiler has been officially released.

The Free Pascal Compiler features:
  • A Turbo Pascal and Delphi compatible compiler for the Intel processor
    family, with some extensions to the Pascal and Object Pascal
    such as operator overloading.
  • Full debugger support with GNU GDB.
  • An OS independent Run-Time Library, equivalent to the Turbo Pascal
    and Delphi Run-Time Libraries, not dependent on external libraries.
  • An API allowing for OS-Independent screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Many units, interfacing to various API's: gtk, xforms, zlib, ncurses,
    sockets, X, mysql, postgresql, Interbase, paszlib, opengl, libgdb.
  • A Free Component Library, containing many base classes from the
    Delphi VCL.
  • An IDE resembling Turbo Pascal's IDE (currently Beta quality) with
    full GDB debugger support.
  • More than 800 pages of documentation in Adobe PDF format (other formats include plain text, HTML and PostScript), featuring
    • User's guide
    • Programmer's guide
    • Reference guide
    • reference guide for all units in the Run-Time Library
    • More than 440 complete example programs.
  • Full sources to compiler, RTL, docs, packages.
More information can be found on:
Installations are available for the following platforms:
Linux     - RPM, .deb and .tar.gz packages are available.
Dos       - Using the go32 extender
Windows   - Native Windows binary
OS/2      - Using the EMX extender
Amiga     - Based on version 0.99.5

Enjoy !

speaking for the whole Free Pascal Development Team