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Nando Times/LA Times: Microsoft.NET nothing new

Jul 15, 2000, 19:07 (3 Talkback[s])

"A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced a new direction it's calling Microsoft.NET. The plan would make its software available for use online. The strategy would also bridge the gap between small handheld devices, such as cell phones, pagers, palm-size organizers and PCs so that a user's data could be entered in one place and accessed in another."

"Although this might be a major strategy change for Microsoft, the concepts are hardly new. The idea of shifting computing tasks from the PC to the Internet has been around for years and numerous rival companies are already implementing pieces of this strategy. There is a growing number of "application service providers," or ASPs, that let you use the Internet to perform tasks that might otherwise have been performed on a personal computer."

"NetLedger, for example, offers a complete small accounting and business management system that you subscribe to rather than purchase on a CD-ROM. ... Another company, ThinkFree.com, offers Internet-savvy software that treads directly on Microsoft's core applications. ...MagicalDesk.com... not only give you Web-based e-mail but also let[s] you maintain your calendar and address book and share files with colleagues. ... Visto.com offers a similar series of services as well as a virtual photo album in which you can store, organize and share images. ... FusionOne has an even more ambitious plan to allow users not just to access Web data on cell phones, but also to synchronize it between the Internet, cell phones and all sorts of other devices."

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