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Linux.com: Gimp for Newbies, Part 2

Aug 02, 2000, 07:27 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Alex Pearsall)

"By now, you've familiarized yourself with some of the more basic functions of this wonderful graphics program, The GIMP. You've used basic paint brushes, and experimented with some of the tools that you see in the toolbar. Maybe you've even dabbled briefly in the art of Script-FU. Either way, this informational piece should help you unearth some of the more interesting and funky dialogs of The GIMP - things such as variable Blurs, Distorts, Light effects, and other additions to your image which may make it look more professional or interesting. We will also cover basic layers, and how to convert your Layered GIMP drawing into a JPEG, PNG or GIF."

"Lets start out by making a basic image with some colored text to show some of these above mentioned dialogs. First off, create a new image from the File menu. Make it the default size of 256x256. You will start off with a white background and a blue foreground (indicated by the two color boxes at the bottom of your tool-box). Let's first fill the image with a black background by doing the following. Double click the black (this is the foreground color by the way) color box and drag your mouse until you see the color that changes in the right upper corner changes to black. Let's now select the Color Fill tool, and click the image (changing the background to black). Let's add some simple text with the text tool, so our Blurs and Distorts will show up. First change the color. Use the foreground color for this (the white color box is for the background color, for when you are doing things like cutting regions of the image and pasting them elsewhere, but that will come later). Change the color in the foreground box to a light or dark blue. Be aware that a lighter blue will show up better on the black, as will your changes. Use the text tool, and select a font of your choice. Enter your text in the lower dialog box. The text can be whatever you wish - your name, a phrase, etc., but make it big enough so that you wont need to use a magnifying glass to see it."

"Now you should have a unsaved image with a plain black background and some bluish lettering on it. Looks pretty lame, eh? Well, hold onto your mouse and your coffee mug, for the GIMP is about to make your image look like a car in one of those miracle wipe wax commercials. Here we go!"

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