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O'Reilly Network: What Will Be in Perl 6? [Transcript]

Aug 02, 2000, 08:26 (0 Talkback[s])

"At O'Reilly's Open Source Convention and Perl Conference 4.0 in Monterey in July, Larry Wall announced that work would begin on Perl 6, and it could be a complete rewrite of the language. Joining the O'Reilly Network Roundtable to talk about the launch of Perl 6 was brian d foy, director of Perl Mongers and spokesperson for Perl 6, and Mark-Jason Dominus, managing editor of Perl.com."

"O'Reilly Network publisher Dale Dougherty began the Roundtable by asking how the announcement is being received by the core Perl community, whether with excitement or anxiety."

"brian d foy: Well, there's actually a little bit of both. Some people are really excited at the opportunity they have to get things that they have been asking for in Perl 5 to actually show up in Perl 6. Things like Unicode support for instance. But also there is some concern -- I wouldn't really say it's anxiety, but some concern -- that people are going to be able to be included in the process, and we've been trying to get information out there that says this is going to be a community effort. And that's what Larry Wall said at his keynote address at the Perl Conference. He made Perl 5, but he wants Perl 6 to be a product of the community."

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