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Linus Torvalds: Linux-2.4.0-test7-pre3

Aug 13, 2000, 21:39 (8 Talkback[s])
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From: Linus Torvalds 
To: Kernel Mailing List 
Subject: test7-pre3

Trying something new: keeping rudimentary change-logs. I should keep this
up until final 2.4.0. Watch me.


 - pre1:
    - fix PCI resource bug that crept in in test6 due to the new
      requirements to handle multiple bus regions transparently
    - ll_rw_block documentation
    - sound driver module counting bugfix and cleanup (move to named
    - directory rename bug fix for busy directories (oops)
    - allow "init_new_context()" to fail - it can do so on some
      architectures when out of memory.
    - networking updates - TCP retransmission and ordering logic
    - fix strsep(). Not that anybody cared.
 - pre2:
    - fix modversions.h generation ("make -j dep" works now)
    - finish 64-bit VFS: getdents64 and fcntl64 (getdents64 also adds
      the "file type" to the readdir data - VFS layer change.  fcntl64
      allows 64-bit file locking)
    - Intel i810 watchdog driver and NS DP83810 network driver
    - dup2() cannot screw up the file table with threads any more.
 - pre3:
    - nfs_commit_rpcsetup() signed comparison bugfix and cleanup
    - sparc updates and TLB invalidation fix
    - networking updates (less verbose on the new reordering messages)
    - network driver Makefile cleanup
    - Fix segment copy on fork.
    - tsk->files race fixes: close-on-exec etc.
    - sound #define cleanups
    - fs/proc/array.c task_lock cleanup