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Matthias Elter: KDE 2.0 Tagged for CVS Release

Oct 02, 2000, 16:53 (0 Talkback[s])

I have tagged the CVS modules kdebase kdegraphics kdemultimedia kdepim
kdetoys kdoc kdeadmin kdegames kdelibs kdenetwork kdesupport kdeutils koffice
KDE_2_0_RELEASE. I will upload KDE 2.0 RC1 tarballs later today.

We aim to release KDE 2.0 final tarballs to the packagers on Monday 09/10.
Consider the CVS modules named above read only! No patches except fixes for
_real_ show stoppers are accepted into CVS. Patches for show stoppers have to
be submitted to kde-core-devel and reviewed by at least two core developers
for the tag to be moved.

The CVS modules are open for updated documentations, translations and icons.
(Make sure to send me a mail, so I have a chance to move the tag.) kde-i18n
wont be tagged before Monday 09/10.

I will submit RC1 tarballs to the packagers but we don't wait for binaries
this time and there wont be a press release. Packagers: Consider the RC1
tarballs as KDE 2.0 final testcases. The structure wont change any more.

Qt 2.2.1 will be released this week and will be the official version for KDE
2.0 final.

We might delay the release for a RC2 in case any serious problems to be found
that can't be fixed until Monday 09/10. In this case the schedule will be
delayed for another week.

Please everybody, spend some extra time on testing. Report show stoppers on
kde-core-devel and submit non-critical bugs via bugs.kde.org.

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