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Linux.com: Portability Rocks!

Oct 02, 2000, 23:23 (3 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Emmett Plant)

"Linux is bigger than just an operating system for standard desktop machines that used to run Windows. Linux is all over the hardware spectrum, running on everything from Macintosh hardware and big iron mainframes to small embedded devices. Why? Portability is good for the popularity of an operating system, something that our friends in Redmond never understood."

"One of the reasons you'll finding Linux sitting on all kinds of devices is because of its Free and Open nature. Since anyone in the world with the appropriate hacking skills can open Linux up and play with it to their heart's content, people will the appropriate hacking skills will. Since the hackers don't have to pay anyone to play with Linux, they'll pick it apart, pull at it, twist it until it breaks. In the process, they'll learn what Linux is good at, what Linux is bad at, and dream up all kinds of uses that Joe Computer User wouldn't consider...."

"One of the cool things about portability is the ability to share software equally across a platform. The Macintosh has access to some hardware that the standard x86 doesn't come with; that's why they're Macintosh computers. There's some closed-box, proprietary hardware in there, but that's okay. If you're running Linux on your Macintosh, you can compile Linux applications on your Mac and run them just like your friend with his Linux-converted Dell machine. It's not just the benefits of using a better operating system in the portability game, it's the ability to use source code independent of the hardware you're using to run an application."

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