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An Open Letter to Danny Ong and Microsoft

Oct 09, 2000, 15:24 (27 Talkback[s])
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This message was sent Saturday to the press contact for Danny Ong and carbon copied to the Business Times (Singapore):
To: jean.khong@bbspr.com.sg
CC: biztimes@asia1.com.sg

To whom it may concern:

I've posted a response to Danny Ong's recent piece in the (Singapore) Business Times.

It can be found here:


Please forward this message to Mr. Ong:

Dear Mr. Ong,

Can we avoid this problem in the future?

Possibly if you're going to talk about Linux you should just stick to the facts of the matter? I'm tired of reading reports that begin by bashing Linux as a 30 year old operating system (it was started in 1991), benchmark statistics that refer to Solaris (not Linux) and other misleading items too numerous to mention.

The "Myths" page on Microsoft's web site:


Is full of inaccuracies, and half-truths. It has been on your web site for a year now.

Does no one at Microsoft care about the true "realities" of the situation?

Linux hasn't had a 128 Meg swap limit since the 2.0.x kernel series, for example -- and even then it could be extended by having multiple swap files in use. TCO studies of *Solaris* and NT being used as proof that Linux has a higher TCO, and so on.

In case you think this is some kind of news, here is my original rebuttal to that page: http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=1999-10-09-003-10-NW-SM

I find it ironic, that almost to the day, a year later, here we are with more of this same kind of press being bandied about.

I would appreciate a response to this letter. More importantly -- if I don't get a response I will be posting an open letter on our news site asking for an explanation to the items above.

I await your response.


Paul Ferris

Comments and Questions:

I think one of our weaknesses is that there is no "Company" that Microsoft has to deal with (it's also one of our strengths, I know). It's high time we stood up and used our democratic "Community power" to at least attempt to correct blatant "inaccuracies" in some of their marketing literature. The Linux Myths page is still up on their site -- and it still has references to TCO studies of Solaris and NT as proof that NT is less expensive to run and all of the other things that were there when it shipped a year ago.

The Business Times (Singapore) should do something as well, and I've had correspondence with at least one individual that wrote the Business Times in reference to the article. That person received a response that indicated they would be running a rebuttal from a local Linux User Group leader.

If you're at all interested, the email addresses are listed above.


Paul Ferris is the Director of Technology for the Linux and Open Source Channel at internet.com, and has been covering Linux and Open Source news for over 2 years. He is an editor for Linux Today and a contributing author on Linux Planet.

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