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Linus Torvalds: 2.4.0-test10-pre5

Oct 24, 2000, 03:10 (8 Talkback[s])
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:45:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Linus Torvalds torvalds@transmeta.com
To: Kernel Mailing List linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org
Subject: test10-pre5

Ok, the issue with Petr is still open, in the meantime the test10-pre5
stuff fixes various other small nagging issues (notably the silly
extraneous BUG() tests that bit lots of people - sorry).


 - pre5:
    - Mikael Pettersson: more Pentium IV cleanup.
    - David Miller: non-x86 platforms missed "pte_same()".
    - Russell King: NFS invalidate_inode_pages() can do bad things!
    - Randy Dunlap: usb-core.c is gone - module fix
    - Ben LaHaise: swapcache fixups for the new atomic pte update code
    - Oleg Drokin: fix nm256_audio memory region confusion
    - Randy Dunlap: USB printer fixes
    - David Miller: sparc updates
    - David Miller: off-by-one error in /proc socket dumper
    - David Miller: restore non-local bind() behaviour.
    - David Miller: wakeups on socket shutdown()
    - Jeff Garzik: DEPCA net drvr fixes and CodingStyle
    - Jeff Garzik: netsemi net drvr fix
    - Jeff Garzik & Andrea Arkangeli: keyboard cleanup
    - Jeff Garzik: VIA audio update
    - Andrea Arkangeli: mxcsr initialization cleanup and fix
    - Gabriel Paubert: better twd_i387_to_fxsr() emulation
    - Andries Brouwer: proper error return in ext2 mkdir()

 - pre4:
    - disable writing to /proc/xxx/mem. Sure, it works now, but it's still
      a security risk.
    - IDE driver update (Victroy66 SouthBridge support)
    - i810 rng driver cleanup
    - fix sbus Makefile
    - named initializers in module..
    - ppoe: remove explicit initializer - it's done with initcalls.
    - x86 WP bit detection: do it cleanly with exception handling
    - Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo: memory leaks in drivers/media/video
    - Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz: video init functions get __init
    - David Miller: get rid of net/protocols.c - they get to initialize themselves
    - David Miller: get rid of dev_mc_lock - we hold dev->xmit_lock anyway.
    - Geert Uytterhoeven: Zorro (Amiga) bus support update
    - David Miller: work around gcc-2.7.2 bug
    - Geert Uytterhoeven: mark struct consw's "const".
    - Jeff Garzik: network driver cleanups, ns558 joystick driver oops fix
    - Tigran Aivazian: clean up __alloc_pages(), kill_super() and
    - Tigran Aivazian: move stuff from .data to .bss
    - Jeff Garzik: divert.h typename cleanups
    - James Simmons: mdacon using spinlocks
    - Tigran Aivazian: fix BFS free block calculation
    - David Miller: sparc32 works again
    - Bernd Schmidt: fix undefined C code (set/use without a sequence point)
    - Mikael Pettersson: nicer Pentium IV setup handling.
    - Georg Acher: usb-uhci cpia oops fix
    - Kanoj Sarcar: more node_data cleanups for [non]NUMA.
    - Richard Henderson: alpha update to new vmalloc setup
    - Ben LaHaise: atomic pte updates (don't lose dirty bit)
    - David Brownell: ohci memory debugging (== use separate slabs for allocation)

 - pre3:
    - update email address of Joerg Reuter
    - Andries Brouwer: spelling fixes, missing atari brelse(), breada() fix
    - Geert Uytterhoeven: used named initializers for "struct console".
    - Carsten Paeth: ISDN capifs - iput() only once.
    - Petr Vandrovec: VFAT short name generation fix
    - Jeff Garzik: i810_rng cleanup, and i815 chipset added.
    - Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz: clean up some remaining old-style Makefiles
    - Dave Jones: x86 setup fixes (recognize Pentium IV etc).
    - x86: do the "fast A20" setup too in setup.S
    - NIIBE Yutaka: update SuperH for the global page table (vmalloc) change.
    - David Miller: sparc updates (vmalloc stuff still pending)
    - David Miller: CodaFS warnings and 64-bit warnings in pci_size()
    - David Miller: pcnet32 - correct NULL test
    - David Miller: vmlist lock -> page_table_lock clarification
    - Trond Myklebust: Ouch. rpcauth_lookup_credcache() memory corruption bug
    - Matthew Wilcox: file locking cleanups
    - David Woodhouse: USB audio spinlock fixes
    - Torben Mathiasen: tlan driver cleanups
    - Randy Dunlap: Yenta: CACHE_LINE_SIZE is in dwords, not bytes.
    - Randy Dunlap: more USB updates
    - Kanoj Sarcar: clean up the NUMA interfaces (pg_data instead of nodes)
    - "save_fpu()" was broken. Need to clear pending errors: save_init_fpu().

 - pre2:
    - remember to change the kernel version ;)
    - isapnp.txt bugfix
    - ia64 update
    - sparc update
    - networking update (pppoe init, frame diverter, fix tcp_sendmsg,
      fix udp_recvmsg).
    - Compile for WinChip must _not_ use "-march=i686". It's a i586.
    - Randy Dunlap: more USB updates
    - clarify the Firewire AIC-5800 situation. It's not supported yet.
    - PCI-space decode size fix. This is needed for some (broken?) hardware
    - /proc/self/maps off-by-one error
    - 3c501, 3c507, cs89x0 network drivers drop unnecessary check_region
    - Asahi Kasei AK4540: new codec ID. Yamaha: new PCI ID's.
    - ne2k-pci net driver documentation update
    - Paul Gortmaker: delete paranoia check in rtc_exit
    - scsi_merge: memset the right amount of memory.
    - sun3fb: old __initfunc() not supported any more.
    - synclink: remove unnecessary task state games
    - xd.c: proper casting for 64-bit architectures
    - vmalloc: page table update race condition.

 - pre1:
    - Roger Larsson: ">=" instead of ">" to make the VM not get stuck.
    - Gideon Glass: brw_kiovec() failure case oops fix
    - Rik van Riel: better memory balancing and OOM killer
    - Ivan Kokshaysky: alpha compile fixes
    - Vojtech Pavlik: forgotten ENOUGH macro in via82cxxx ide driver
    - Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo: acpi resource leak fix
    - Brian Gerst: use mov's instead of xchg in kernel trap entry
    - Torben Mathiasen: tlan timer being added twice bug
    - Andrzej Krzysztofowicz: config file fixes
    - Jean Tourrilhes: Wavelan lockup on SMP fix
    - Roman Zippel: initdata must be initialized (even if it is to zero:
      gcc is strange)
    - Jean Tourrilhes: hp100 driver lockup at startup on SMP
    - Russell King: fix silly minixfs uninitialized error bug
    - (various): fix uid hashing to use "uid_t" instead of "unsigned short"
    - Jaroslav Kysela: isapnp timeout fix. NULL ptr dereference fix.
    - Alain Knaff: fdformat should work again.
    - Randy Dunlap: USB - fix bluetooth, acm, printer, serial to work
      with urb->dev changes.
    - Randy Dunlap: USB whiteheat serial driver firmware update.
    - Randy Dunlap: USB hub memory corruption and pegasus driver update
    - Andre Hedrick: IDE Makefile cleanup