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OpenNMS Update v1.31

Oct 25, 2000, 06:05 (0 Talkback[s])
From: announce-admin@opennms.org
To: announce@www.opennms.org
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 14:08:02 -0500 (CDT) 
Subject: [opennms-announce] OpenNMS Update v1.31

 OpenNMS Update
Vol 1., Issue 31

   In this week's installment...

     * Project Status

          + New Interim Project Scope
          + Directory Structure Finalized
          + Coding Projects Underway

     * Road Show Schedule Full for 2000

     * The Wish List
Project Status

New Interim Project Scope:

   If you remember from last week, we're now targeting a subset of
   functionality to be ready by the end of November, specifically to be
   available for distribution on one of the major Linux distributions.

   As of last week, we were just starting to get our arms around what was
   do-able in that timeframe. Well, we've now finalized it and started
   working our geek butts off to make it happen.

   The functionality slated for this interim release is better described
   in http://www.opennms.org/devdocs/release.doc, but I'll take a shot
   here in the Update for those of you who just don't have the time or
   energy to click on a URL.

   While you are perusing the functionality lists included below, please
   remember the following points:

     * This release is targeted for a Linux distribution with demanding
       time frames. Our full functionality .9 release is still slated for

     * References to "Rev 1" do not imply a 1.0 release.

     * This release will be completely forward compatible. And in turn,
       all releases up to 2.0 will be backwards-compatible with this

     * Distributed management is our #1 priority. It's exclusion from
       this release is not meant to diminish its importance to the
       product or the core team.

     * By targeting Postgres support, we are not implying that other
       databases will not work. They simply will not be tested.
   The following functionality is slated to be INCLUDED in this interim

     * Administrator interfaces

     * Limited operator EUI capability

     * Event Management

     * Discovery

     * Capability Checking (capsd)

     * Business Views

     * Rule Builder

     * Service Polling

     * SNMP configuration

     * Service Poller plug-in capabilities
   In an effort to provide equal time, here are the features which have
   been tabled until the first full release:

     * Oracle support

     * Calendaring

     * Distributed management

     * Remote operation

     * SOAP communications between MS and DP

     * jReporter
   The IN/OUT functionality lists were built as a group effort by the
   core team, so if your favorite functionality is in--great. If not,
   sorry, but you're going to have to wait. This list amounts to
   something that we think is reasonable, yet very aggressive, and
   unfortunately, given the tight timeframes, it's non-negotiable.

   If you saw anything on the "IN" list that you'd like to help with
   (including documentation, which is intentionally not included on
   either list), please let us know.

   We will have some sort of documentation with the first release, but it
   will likely be little more than the standard README, INSTALL, TODO,
   and LICENSE files. Please note that we're trying to get a help
   facility incorporated prior to this release as well.

Directory Structure Finalized:

   Now that CVS is cleaned up, ANTed, and ready to go, now we start
   focusing on some of the code-related build problems. Problem #1: Our
   directory paths have not been fully solidified and have changed on
   occasion, so some code is looking for files in one place, while other
   code is looking elsewhere. All in all, not a good thing.

   So, Steve, Sowmya, and Ben sat down and came up with a unified
   directory structure that gets us everything in a well-known and
   well-documented place.

   The core team is currently reviewing this structure and at some point
   in time early next week, it will be implemented into all existing
   code. While this may not seem like a big deal initially, these
   directory problems are standing in the way of anyone trying to use the
   code that is currently available in our external CVS instance.

   Thanks for your patience.

Coding Projects Underway:

     * create.sql -- No signficant changes.

     * Events -- Jacinta is back to riding the events horse, and this
       time, it's doing EUI updates.

     * SCM -- Initial code base is turned over to Weave for code review
       and initial bug fixes

     * icmpd/Perl -- No update.

     * Filters -- No significant changes.

     * MIB Compiler -- Doug & Rick have cooperatively contributed a
       quasi-MIB compiler in Perl, but it's focus is on the needs of the
       Maji engine specifically.

     * jSNMP -- Counter64 support in testing, but the priority has
       slipped considerably.

     * AWT-to-Swing Conversion -- Underway, but some components are
       already complete.
Road Show Schedule Full for 2000

   Thanks to everyone for their ongoing interest in our project. We
   appreciate the opportunity to step out and talk about, especially with
   people that like to listen!

   Unfortunately, due to ever-tightening development timeframes and more
   and more demand to see our presentation, we've officially deemed the
   schedule "complete" through the remainder of the year.

   We will still be accepting some limited engagements, but only those
   that are local that don't mandate significant travel or preparation
   time. As you can tell, that severely limits our scope.

   So what can you do if you can't schedule us in this year? A couple of
   things. First, you could slate us for sometime in 2001. If that
   doesn't work and you need to see us sooner, check out our existing
   schedule and see if we're already coming to town. You'll find our
   current schedule at http://www.opennms.org/engage/. And if that's not
   good enough, get out your checkbook and give us a call...

The Wish List

   Your help is, as always, both requested and appreciated in regards to
   the following topics:

     * Documentation (both lightweight and detailed)

     * Testing of the EUIs (once they are updated), with bugs reported to

     * Test Counter64 support in jSNMP

     * Add SNMPv3 functionality to jSNMP

     * Implement the event correlation spec.

     * Consider the integration points for CIM/WBEM support

     * Take a look at the ASN.1-to-XML conversion utilities that are
       available and let us know what you think... JavaCup parser for
       MIBs or ASN.1 to XML conversion.
   For those of you that have been trying to reach me over the past week,
   my apologies. I've been down and basically out with pneumonia for the
   past few days, and my normally productive weekend, well, wasn't.

   A special word to the Boulder JUG folks: remember that horrible tickle
   in my throat and how that cold was really getting the best of me?
   Well, if you got my "cold", you might go check with your local health
   care professionals. And tell 'em "mycoplasma" sent ya!

Until next week, I'll be the guy with all the cool prescription drugs,

Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell