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Linux Focus: Discovering Ted

Nov 03, 2000, 20:00 (0 Talkback[s])
"Ted is a Wysiwyg word processor developed by Mark de Does. It is not only a simple text editor. Sure it's a basic Motif Interface , few icons, and just a couple of fonts... but one can see immediately that this is a tool for every day's work, only work and good work. We will see..."

"Ted can read files only in one format (but can write to 3 other file types): The RTF format, known as Rich Text Format, has the advantage that it is platform independent and can be read by every word processor that is worth to be called a word processor. The attributes such as font size, type (bold, italic ...) and orientation are preserved by this format. Instead of storing your work in the Word propriety DOC format you just need to store the documents in RTF-Format and you will be able to import them without problems into Linux applications."

"After installation Ted has 4 fonts Times, Helvetica, Courier and Symbol. These are metric fonts from Adobe, available in AFM format. In principle Ted can use any font of this type. The Linux-filesystem tree contains in /usr/share/enscript and /usr/share/ghostscript a lot of these fonts, and the temptation to use them is big especially since the size of the Times font that comes with Ted is limited to 18 points. Just as the Courier italic and the Courier bold-italic fonts."

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