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Nov 05, 2000, 15:00 (0 Talkback[s])

"More and more, people are on the move. This has become readily apparent with the increased use of cellular phones and pagers. However, being able to keep in touch with people is only part of the solution. People need a way to keep track of information, such as names, phone numbers, appointments. There are planners designed for just tasks, but who wants to enter the information into a book as well as their computer? The emerging solutions to this problem are hand-held electronic devices, commonly referred to as PDAs; their goals vary along with their size and cost. From the credit card sized REX to hand-held devices running PalmOS and Windows CE."

"While the features and functionality vary from one device to another, they all work towards the same basic goal: to keep your information with you at all times. To date, there is no single PDA that has been able to dominate the market, and there doesn't appear to be a change in that on the horizon, as newer devices are continuously being built, offering more features in smaller packages."

"With so many options, which one is right for you? That depends on what you need and want from your PDA. In today's case, we want to make sure that it is capable of talking to our Linux machine. The two most likely choices would be a device running either PalmOS or Windows CE. While performing backups and basic tasks with a Windows CE machine is possible with Linux, it does not enjoy the same software development for such tools as Palm devices do. As a result, unless there is some aspect that you require of a Windows CE machine, a Palm may be your preferred choice."

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