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LinuxPR: LinuxPPC Inc. announces public beta test version of its newest release

Nov 15, 2000, 17:01 (0 Talkback[s])

"Users of almost any Linux on PowerPC distribution can now upgrade to the public beta test version of LinuxPPC. The new beta includes the latest versions of Helix Code's GNOME, KDE 2.0, XFree 4.0, Mozilla 5.0, and glibc."

"The installation process is astonishingly simple. It is run by a new updater utility. A user simply downloads the updater utility onto a computer with an existing Linux/PowerPC distribution, and runs it. The user then selects an FTP site to download the beta from, and the updater handles the rest."

"While the whole beta is approximately 1.5 gigabytes, the base installation is 500 megabytes. This includes the basic operating system, networking software, X Windows (graphical interface software), the Mozilla and Netscape web browsers, and the KDE and Gnome desktop environments. Due to the size of the installation, you will need to be on a fast least Internet connection such as DSL to have a reasonable download time."

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