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Zope Weekly News for November 16th, 2000

Nov 17, 2000, 08:17 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 21:53:28 -0500
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Subject: November 16th Zope Weekly News

2.2.3 on its way, tips on how to use the Zope Book, PTK 0.9.2 released with lots of bug fixes, Documentation Process feedback requested, and the whys and wherefores of Zope.org.

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And Now For Something Completely Different:


Zope Status

by Brian Lloyd


Tying up the 2.2.3 release

Recent News

(Reprint from last week but worth repeating - we really want feedback on this!)
Documentation is currently a weak area for Zope. Ironically, the problem really isn't a lack of content, its a lack of organization among those who produce useful documentation. The current documentation "process" is not well-defined, so Amos and Michel have started a Fishbowl project to develop and formalize the process of producing Zope documentation. The end result of this will be a well-known and discoverable process that will allow the community to take better advantage of the "documentation energy out there",


Adam Davis' proposal for several "quick fixes" that we could make to the Zope management interface to improve productivity in the 2.3 release timeframe has become an "active project",


Toby Dickenson has started a Python 2.0 Migration proposal - the idea is to identify all of the issues involved in using Zope with 2.0 and what we still need to do to make Python 2 "officially supported",


Near Future

The evil "__call__" bug is now officially stamped out (thanks to those of you in the community who tested the fix!), which was the last bullet left before making the Zope 2.2.3 release. I expect this to be out on Friday (Nov 16).



by Michel Pelletier

All's quiet on the "book":http://www.zope.org/Members/michel/ZB/ front. We're still getting good comments; special mention goes to Lee Hunter who sent us great editorial comments on Chapter 8. We've gotten a lot of comments along the lines of:

1. I can't find out how to make a Python Method, and

2. I downloaded Python Methods from Zope.org but they don't work.

The answer to the first question is: Python Methods do not come with Zope 2.2 (but they will come with 2.3), you need to get them and install them. Normally you would get them from Zope.org, but the answer to question two is: The version of Python Methods on Zope.org is old, and it will not work with the book examples. You need to check Python Methods out of CVS in order to get the examples to work. You can do this by following the "instructions":http://www.zope.org/Resources/CVS_info and getting the CVS "module for Python Methods": http://cvs.zope.org/Products/DC/PythonMethod/. Sorry folks, we don't have any control over the release schedules for the software, so hopefully this gets updated soon to make it easier for you to follow the book.

This week Amos and I are pushing for the final effort on the new "Documentation Process": http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/DocumentationProcess/FrontPage