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LinuxWorld: Win4Lin takes the pain out of Windows

Nov 18, 2000, 22:10 (2 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Nicholas Petreley)

"I'm enjoying the recent media madness over the presidential election; it has been a real learning experience. For example, I've learned that I should be able to get just about anything I want by claiming to be "disenfranchised." Last night when my wife served meat loaf, I complained that I would have requested something else, but her dinner choices were too confusing. If she didn't want me to feel disenfranchised, she would have to make a whole new dinner. It didn't work, but I can't get the major news networks to breathe down her neck with claims of illegal menus."

"In the unlikely event that you're an all-Linux shop, Windows fans in your organization may feel a little disenfranchised. In the more likely event that you're an all-Windows shop, Linux users are almost certainly disenfranchised." "Here's one way to enfranchise both groups: get a copy of NeTraverse Win4Lin 2.0. (Win4Lin 2.0 is currently in beta. See Resources for more details.) Win4Lin allows you to install Windows 95 or Windows 98 as an application that runs on Linux. When you start up Windows, it appears in a window on your desktop; you can then install and run almost any Windows application. (You can't run most games because Win4Lin doesn't support DirectX.)"

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