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LinuxPR: "My CD-ROM is my computer:" Linbox and DemoLinux reinvent the Network Computer with Linux

Nov 28, 2000, 17:59 (0 Talkback[s])

"The objective of DemoLinux is to bring Linux to a broad public and to win new users by considerably simplifying installation. The term "installation" is actually inappropriate in this case, because Linux is not installed. This avoids the problems that may arise when a new system is placed on a computer already configured with another OS. There is no need to create a new disk partition or disrupt the existing configuration. The user simply switches the computer on and inserts the CD-ROM."

"Jean-Pierre Laisné, CEO of Linbox, stressed this point: "We were all really impressed, not just by the technology but also by the ergonomics of DemoLinux. This CD-ROM is a pocket computer that turns a conventional client workstation into a thin client fully adapted to the user's requirements. This technology creates an innovative, easily transportable and unbreakable product that will revolutionize network computing."

"When the computer boots up with the DemoLinux CD-ROM, the system is installed on the RAM only. This is because the Linux kernel features LFS, or Live File Systems. This technique, which is seldom applied, uses a compressed file system to expand the 650 Mb limit of the CD-ROM to more than 1 Gb of useable data."

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