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OpenNMS Update v1.36

Nov 29, 2000, 05:32 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 21:43:58 -0600 (CST)
From: announce-admin@opennms.org
To: announce@www.opennms.org
Subject: [opennms-announce] OpenNMS Update v1.36

 OpenNMS Update

Vol 1., Issue 36

   In this week's installment...
     * Project Status
          + Exterminate! Exterminate!
          + Distributed Development
          + Coding Projects Underway
     * JSDT - Watch this space!
     * Rough Timelines
     * The Wish List

Project Status

Exterminate! Exterminate!:

As we had hoped, we reached our code freeze on 11/22 (later in the day than expected, though...) and tagged CVS as "frozen" for bug fixes.

Now that efforts are focused on bug fixing for the upcoming "Testdrive" release, we're even more interested in the bugs you've found. Not that we weren't interested before, of course...

We're all currently working from the CVS revision tagged OPENNMS_0_2_3_BUG_SQUASH, and all our bugs are going into Bugzilla. As should yours.

Most of the bugs we are finding are, as you might expect, more problems with versioning on early XML formats and problems related to using the configuration files built by one developer in a tool built by another. Nothing earth-shattering, but still plenty to do.

So as for us, we're fixing bugs. And avoiding Daleks.

Distributed Development:

We knew it was just a matter of time before our distributed development team grew even further geographically. And as it turns out, the time is now.

We are thrilled to welcome aboard our OpenNMS fellow, supported by our friends at Scoreboard, Inc., Craig Trader. Craig comes to us directly from a systems architect role at a large contractor and has already started digging into the code.

And Craig will be working from the Scoreboard offices in Northern Virginia. So if you are in that area and want to put your head together with someone that knows this stuff, Craig's your man.

Welcome aboard, Craig!

Coding Projects Underway:

* create.sql -- Fixing bugs.

* Events -- Fixing bugs.

* SCM -- Fixing bugs.

* OutageManager -- Fixing bugs.

* RTC -- Fixing bugs.

* Filters -- Fixing bugs.

* Maji Prelim Work -- Rick is active on the "events" mailing list.

* joeSNMP -- Totally bug free. (Note: Famous last words)

* Operator Panels -- Fixing bugs.

* Admin Panels -- Fixing bugs.

* Documentation -- Steve's writing doc like a disco inferno. Burn Baby Burn!

* Installation -- Ben is a self-proclaimed "RPM Machine"

JSDT - Watch this space!

I've bitched. I've moaned. I've begged. I've pleaded.

I'm pleased to note that we hear good things on the JSDT front. We'll keep you posted on the developments as they come down, but w e're currently pretty pleased with Sun's hints that JSDT might go "open". We're continuing to monitor the JSDT mailing lists and will keep you posted as we hear more.

If you don't know what JSDT is, it's Sun's Java Shared Data Toolkit, which we use extensively throughout OpenNMS. If you want to know more, look back through the archive of Updates, or check out

Rough Timelines

We've got some pretty big milestones in front of us, so I thought I'd take a moment to lay out some of the biggies for ya:

* Next Week: 0.4.0 release (a.k.a. "Testdrive")

* 1Q01: 0.9.0 release (first cut at full functionality)

* 2Q01: 1.0 release (Production Release with Commercial Support options)

* 2Q01: Agent-technology First Release

* 3Q01: Event Correlation First Release

* 4Q01: World Domination and/or kegger at my place

Please note: Many of these have a lot of external dependencies. I'm not promising anything, but with your help, these timelines are possible and reasonable targets. Additionally, the kegger at my place depends on Luke buying the beer, so that one is pretty unlikely. He won't even ante up the ones he owes me...

The Wish List

In this very special "Wish List", we deal with the important issue of chemical dependency amongst pregnant teens that hitchhike with religious abandon

And our wishes are simple -- download the code, build it, and report any and all unique, new bugs to Bugzilla.

You rock!


It was a big day in the office earlier today. Luke has broken out what he's calling his "winter flip-flops". They look like Birkenstocks meet Buster Brown. Or the Indigo Girls meet my 5th Grade school picture.

If you happen to run into him (or have any contact with him at all at luke@opennms.org), be sure to tell him how much you like his shoes. He's really very proud of them.

But then again, Elvis was proud of his blue suede shoes, too...

Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell