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theKompany.com Hands Kivio Source Over to KDE CVS

Dec 07, 2000, 14:16 (8 Talkback[s])
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By Michael Hall, LinuxToday

Wednesday, theKompany.com, a Linux software firm, announced they have handed the source code to Kivio, their flowcharting tool, over to the KDE project, and that the GPL'd program is now available in the KDE CVS tree. theKompany's CEO sees the donation as a testing of the waters for a business model that includes GPL'd software.

theKompany CEO Shawn Gordon said Kivio's developer, who worked on the software under the name Queesio for several years, originally tried to donate his source code to the KDE project just before the Kompany took over maintenance. Since then, interest in the software has increased, especially where some specific components such as a color selection widget were concerned, making its addition to the KDE codebase more attractive.

Though the Kompany will maintain its status as primary maintainers of the project, KDE developers will be able to work on integrating the package into the broader KDE environment with the Kompany providing oversight to ensure there's no duplication of effort or disruption of the product's stability from day to day. According to Gordon, at least one developer outside the Kompany has already expressed interest in working on the project.

Gordon says that the code release is something of an experiment for his company. As reported previously, Kivio itself will not be a revenue source as much as the stencils used to customize the program, which the Kompany plans to sell for varying amounts, possibly as little as $5 for simpler ones. Plans in that area include such items as a template that auto-senses network configurations and provides chart designers with an automated tool to generate network diagrams.

Referring to the possibility that people might not only take the free software but share stencils among themselves without paying, Gordon said "if people abuse it, we won't pursue this model again."

The Kompany has plans to work on several other projects, depending on the reception Kivio and it's business model receive from the Free Software community.

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