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Midgard Weekly Summary for 6th of December, 2000 (#53)

Dec 08, 2000, 19:21 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 08:06:46 -0600
From: Ken Pooley
To: MWS mws@midgard-project.org
Subject: MWS for 6th of December, 2000 (#53)


Welcome to December! In the US we are all pretty fired up to have a fab new president, ok... well, its over and that is a good thing as witnessed by the collective yawn we have heard from across the pond. Christmas looks good in Midgard land, 1.4 is close to finalized and there is measurable progress towards 2.0. It looks like Santa's elf, Emile, will have all sorts of packages for us in a few weeks. At the same time, Ami has some good reading which will eventually get us to Midgard version 2 in the new year!

Editor's Note
Alexander Bokovoy adds to the potential programmer pool
         Sensing the needs of Midgard V2 storage the Bokovoys look to the future.
1.4 final release targeted for Christmas
        It is close and we are looking for Santa drop off cool toys.
Midgard 2.0 has its first early release.
        Ami Ganguli on where we go from here.

Alexander Bokovoy adds to the potential programmer pool.
All he needs is a laptop and a few diapers and he is on the way. Alexander reports his son was born on December 5th, he weighed in at 3420g and was 52cm tall. There was no word as to whether Repligard proved useful during the duplication process. While he has yet to be named I have suggested that LDAP has a certain progressive ring to it, Alexander 2.0 works too....
1.4 final release targeted for Christmas
Emile has let it be known that Christmas is the target date for the final release of Midgard 1.4. Santa is promising a few packages, Red Hat, Mandrake, maybe a little Debian as well as a fine assortment of Tarballs. Alexander and Alexander 2.0 have gotten most of Repligard done with a little work on partial import/export and blob export left to consider next week. Ndemeno Tegomoh has rewritten the older installation guide and his new work will be included with the final version of 1.4. Also included will be the new MOVE demo website which is being buffed and polished as we speak. We are currently in a feature freeze and Emile would be quite pleased if everybody would try out beta 7 so we can track down whatever bugs are left before we ship. Somewhere around the 20th, Emile, Alexander and a cast of hundreds will start assembling the final packages for distribution.
Midgard 2.0 has its first early release.
Ami Ganguli has been working on Midgard 2.0 and has released a very early release of what will eventually be Midgard 2.0. While very limited this release provides a concrete mile-post; marking where 2.0 is and raising issues which are upcoming. Ami has a specific list, in the release notes, of what needs are coming and he would welcome help addressing them in the coming weeks and months.

This early release has a number of important early features, though little actual functionality. Perhaps most important is an early formation of the more object based structure which will characterize Version 2. This modularity has been one of the stated goals for the new version from the start. A more modular approach will encourage third party developments, who would extend and add functionality to Midgard's core, while giving existing developers more control over their implementation. The release notes also mention the need to look into the new Php embedding API, alternative data storage options, multiple data source integration and build systems.

It is clear that this is to be a complete rewrite of the Midgard application as well as a reconsideration of the manner in which the application does things. On one hand Ami has a schedule for at least one rewrite from scratch of the API in the near future; partly to put into practice from what is being learned from these early versions and partly to get rid of that wonderful stream on conscious code that I think we have all written at some point. ( you know that code that meanders from point to point and has variables named after your coffee cup) On the other hand there is still the opportunity for feature prototyping and feature refining. Over the last months there has been a great deal of discussion about what and how the ideal Midgard would serve our needs, now is the time to start to make sure that Midgard is what it needs to be.

To that end Ami would appreciate input from us all. Understandably a lot of people are focused on getting 1.4 out the door and on to new and existing services. As good as 1.4 is, 2.0 has been a goal for a lot of us for quite awhile, once 1.4 is running development of 2.0 should be a fairly rapid. These early pre-alpha versions suggest a great deal for the eventual form and function of Midgard 2 but they also can be seen as a fluid discussion that might find new means to the final product.

About Midgard
Midgard 1.4 is a content publishing tool for small and medium sized sites. It is based on Apache, MySQL and PHP. The application and its documentation are licensed GPL, LGPL and GFDL. This licensing strategy guarantees that developers, webmasters, ISPs, and business managers are investing in a strategy where they're free to share solutions and participate in the application design.

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About MWS
The Midgard Weekly Summary is a bi-weekly newsletter for the Midgard user and developer community, as well as the extended web community. If you would like to release it or publish it, please contact Ken Pooley (kpooley@sewanee.edu).

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