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Linux 2.2.18 Release Notes

Dec 12, 2000, 07:57 (5 Talkback[s])

Alan Cox ask us to include a link to http://www.linux.org.uk/VERSION/relnotes.2218.html, since errata will be added to it the notes if/when needed.

Linux 2.2.18 Release Notes

Platforms:Alpha, M68K, PowerPC, S/390, Sparc, X86

Linux 2.2.18 is the latest update to the Linux kernel tree. The out of the box tree supports the Alpha, PPC, Sparc and X86 platforms. MIPS and ARM are mostly merged but you should obtain the platform specific tree.

This code is intended to build with gcc 2.7.2 and egcs 1.1.2. Patches for building with gcc 2.95 are merged but less tested than other compilers. Caution is recommended when using gcc 2.95 and feedback is sought.

Binary Compatibility
Linux 2.2.18 should on the whole be fully binary compatible with old modules. There are no API changes, although 2.4 back compatibility API's are also introduced in this release. In general you should not assume binary compatibility between kernel object modules in Linux.

Security Notes

Linux 2.2.18 contains additional 2.4test ABI calls for controlling how capabilities are handled when using setuid calls.

Architecture Updates

  • Fixed a problem where csum_partial_copy could cause spurious EFAULT returns
  • Fixed a problem with FPU division

The ARM tree has been partially synchronized with the ARM working tree for 2.2
The major thrust has been support for processors running in excess of 2GHz, support for the CyrixIII processor and also basic support for the Pentium IV. Unfortunately Intel chose to ignore all precedent in model numbering via cpuid and report a family of '15'. This sudden jump broke assumptions in the kernel tree without any warning. Intel have failed to provide good reasons for their change. We have chosen to continue to report the Pentium IV as a '686' class processor. The full family data is provided via cpuinfo.

In addition the early Pentium IV chips appear to have some problems. You should be using stepping 7 or higher processors with the latest shipping microcode update if you wish to run Linux on a Pentium IV processor.

  • Added a DMI scanner to handle broken Dell laptop APM
  • Added microcode update support from the 2.4test tree
  • Added msr/cpuid driver backport from 2.4test
  • Added support for processors running at over 2GHz
  • Experimental Cyrix III support
  • Fixed slight abuse of gcc inline asm in maths emulator
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the CPU failure reporting
  • Fixed db6 handling when doing ptrace
  • Intel Pentium IV support
  • Support both keyboard and 'fast' A20 gating
  • Updated MTRR support to handle the K6 mobile

Merge with the forked off M68K stable kernel tree
Merge with the PPC maintainers. Fix a problem with the syscall table
The S/390 tree has been brought back into sync with IBM
  • Updates for DRM and other ioctl changes
  • Fix dcache and exec problems

Core Updates
Asynchronous I/O
Report failed fasync setup attempts rather than ignoring them.
Block sizes
Restore block sizes on devices after a partition scan
Added PR_GET/SET_KEEPCAPS from 2.4test
Changed elevator algorithm to give better performance
Fix a fencepost error in ioremap
Low level I/O
Fix a problem when a synchronous write occurred raw to a block device that went off the end of the disk.
LRU corruption
Fix potential LRU list corruption
Memory Leaks
Fixed memory handling on obscure error paths in the following - bttv, buz, qpmouse, ipddp, sdla, softoss, ixj, ax25
Quietened down the partition table messages
Fix a raid1/vm deadlock
Fixed potential SMP race
Fix lock inversion
Fix locking between timers and rtc as well as CMOS locking
It was possible for tq_scheduler to sometimes run its tasks with interrupts disabled.
Virtual Memory
Fix a problem where the box could get stuck when it ran out of pages
Fix corner case that could cause crashes allocating large amount of vmalloc space on large machines
Driver Updates
Add support for the 3c556B
Add an improved new driver for the RTL8139 chips as an alternative to the dual 8129/8139 driver
AC97 codecs
Fixed several bugs in the AC97 support. Start MIC input off to avoid feedback
Driver updates to fix a potential oops when using dhcp
Fix problems when flushing jumbo ring. Fix setting the MAC address
The AGP bus drivers from Linux 2.4test are now included
BTTV BT848/BT878 driver
The bttv driver now supports subwindow clipping
Compaq CISS
A driver for the SA5300 CISS card has been added
Compaq PCI Fibrechannel
Added support for the Compaq 64bit/66Mhz fibrechannel adapter
Fix a potential crash
Fixed a case where the cpq array driver could cause a kernel oops
Crystal CS4281
Fixed hangs when playing sound on the cs4281
Crystal 46xx driver
Added more intelligence to the amplifier power control
This driver has been updated
The 3D direct rendering manager is now included in 2.2 kernels
Fix a bug when handling multiple cards
More PCI identifiers have been added
ESS Maestro
Added support for the radio interface on some Maestro cards
Floppy driver
Fix SMP locking problems
Framebuffer console
Fix a race in scroll back/paste
IBM token ring
Fix support for cable pulls/pcmcia problems
Avoid tuning older VIA chipsets that take offence
Added UDMA support for ALI1543 and 1543C devices
Fix a problem with CDROMPLAYTRKIND. Allow root to open the CDROM door at all times. Fix a problem with Sanyo changers
Fix a bug in the RPC state handling
IDE Floppy
Fix problems with IDE floppy on the Alpha
IDE multi-lun
Attempt to intelligently decide of an IDE ATAPI device has LUN support
Numerous small fixes
ISI Serial
Updated to support more cards
Fix an option parsing bug
Fix a potential deadlock swapping over nbd
OV511 cameras
Updated to match the 2.4test tree
PAS audio
Fix a problem with the revision 'D' mixer support
Pinnacle audio
This driver now supports the Compaq Alpha platform
PS/2 mouse
Made reconnect parsing optional
Random number generator
Add support for the Intel i810 random number generator
This driver has been updated
SIS 900 ethernet
Add support for a new PHY
SK fddi
Support for the SK FDDI PCI adapters has been added
SMC9194 driver
A buffer handling bug has been fixed
SX audio
Updated and fixed
This driver has been updated
Fix typos in the thunderlan driver
Toshiba Floppies
Handle odd interrupt returns seen on some Toshiba floppy drives
Trident audio
Added suport for onboard trident on Alpha machines
Trident audio
Fix hangs caused by attempts to initialise the midi on non Ali devices
Fixed a harmless free memory misuse in the uart401 driver
A port of the core USB code from Linux 2.4 and most of the USB drivers is included.
VIA audio
Updated support for the VIA audio drivers
WDT Watchdog
Added support for the PCI card
XSpeed DSL
Added support for the XSpeed DSL card
Yamaha PCI audio
Add an initial native mode driver
File System Updates
Updated to resync with the ARM tree
'Cache Locked' Error
Fix 'cache locked' messages from NFS layer
Ext2 fs
Fixed some potential races in the file system
Ext2 fs
Clear suid bit on truncate as per SuSv2
Fix FAT32 to work on Alpha
Fix incorrect handling of kernel/user copies in NCP file system
Added NFSv3 support and fixed multiple NFS problems
NFS locking
Implement sun style NFS cache/lockf barriers
NFS over TCP
Added experimental support for NFS over TCP
Fix translation bug
Fix unlink bugs
Fixed some potential races in the quota handling
SMB file system
Fixes for OS/2 problems and other updates. Work around truncate problems with NetApp filers
Catch and report mis-sized swap partitions
Windows VFAT naming
We now use the same rules that windows appears to for generating VFAT names.
Miscellaneous Updates
Code Pages
Fixed problems with Code Page cp932
Automatically chose gcc272 or kgcc if present
Added 'quiet' option as in 2.4test
Network Updates
Fix ioctl handler for physical layer ioctls issued via appletalk sockets
Arpfilter from 2.4test has been merged
Cisco HDLC
Quietly drop the newer Cisco 0x2000 info frames
Control messsages
Fix some corner cases in control message handling
Generic Frame Diverter
Added support for frame diversion when bridging
Fix incorrect allocation flag
IPv4 proc
Fixed an off by one error
Fixed memory handling bugs
Fixed IPV6_TLV_ROUTERALERT, in6_addr, ip_decrease_ttl and mior bits
IPv6 proc
Fixed an off by one error
Allow binding to all multicast ports when masquerading
Update the irc masquerade to handle newer irc clients that support the DCC resume feature.
Fix obscure forwarding table bug with NAT
Port sysctl
Check range being set so that root cannot cause a crash by accidentally misconfiguring
Return correct error code for an uknown socket family
Fix a problem handling null credentials in kernel
Fix a problem with round trip estimation on very long fast links
TCP Options
Tidy up parsing and building. Fix a failure to honour sk->allocation.
Transparent Proxy
Fix a problem with the socket lookup in one case
Unix domain sockets
Backport 2.4test garbage collector speedups
Backport 2.4test fixes
SCSI Updates
Driver updated
Adaptec 1542
Fix memory scribbles when handling resets
AMI Megaraid
This driver has been updated
This driver has been updated and now supports more cards.
Emu10K driver
Added support for the EMU-APS
This driver has been updated
This driver has been updated
IBM Serveraid
Updated to version 4.20
Lun Scanning
Ignore LUNs that are reported as connectable but not currently connected.
Lun Scanning
Added the Digital HSG80 and the Compaq 'logical volume' identifiers to the multilun list
Removable Devices
Added support for opening empty removable devices
SCSI generic
Fix unload oops
Segate Driver
Remove broke bios parameter guessing code from the seagate driver
Symbios/NCR driver
This has been updated to the latest official release
Tape driver
Updated to fix several bugs. Fix filemark status test. Fix spacing to beginning