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LinuxPlanet: From the Desktop: Derailing the Alphabet

Dec 12, 2000, 15:08 (2 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Brian Proffitt)

"Motif is quite a collection of code. For those of you who need a ramp-up, Motif is a X Window interface. It came to exist because commercial vendors (like IBM and H-P) wanted a uniform interface based on X. (The creators of X did not envision X as being its own interface: the mantra at the X Consortium was that X be a set of tools so that others could create their own graphical interfaces. Which they are doing to this day -- witness GNOME and KDE, which are both X-based.)"

"Basically, Motif is based on the X Window libraries, but Motif adds its own toolkit ("widgets"), a style guide, and a window manager, mwm. All three combine to create a look and feel, and Motif ended up being the basis for the Common Desktop Environment."

"From the beginning Motif was a commercial endeavor, eventually controlled by the Open (really Closed) Group. On May 15 of this year, the Open Group did something new: it released the source code for Motif, now called OpenMotif, under the Open Group Public License. Basically, this license allowed those using Open Source operating systems -- i.e., Linux and BSD -- to use Motif. As the FAQ page says:"

"'The Open Group Public License for Motif grants rights only to use the software on or with operating systems that are themselves Open Source programs. In restricting the applicability of the license to Open Source platforms this does not meet term 8 of the Open Software Definition.'"

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