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XFree86 4.02 Released

Dec 20, 2000, 01:41 (0 Talkback[s])

Enhancements to the 4.0 base release.

  • Darwin/Mac OS X is now supported and the X server runs on PowerPC.
  • Mesa updated to the latest stable (3.4) release.
  • Increased ATI support including: ATI Radeon driver adapter support added; Multi-head configuration support added; Non-Intel platform support improved.
  • A driver (i128) for Number Nine chipsets has been added.
  • A driver (savage) for S3 Savage chipsets has been added.
  • A driver (siliconmotion) for some Silicon Motion chipsets has been added.
  • The driver (ark) for Ark Logic chips has been ported to 4.x.
  • A VESA driver has been added.
  • Support has been added for Linux/mips platform on some SGI hardware..
  • Improved DRI support for the ATI, 3Dfx, Intel, Matrox, SiS and Sun chips.
  • The DRI is now also available on Alpha platforms
  • Xinerama big endian problems have been fixed.
  • Render support has been added. This extension to the X protocol, uniquely XFree86's allows image composition and anti-aliasing text.
  • Significant enhancements to the Internationalisation support in Xlib
  • New XKB keyboard definitions have been added and updated for some countries.
  • New xfs updates, including font path verification, and options.
  • XTerm enhancements.

The full distribution including source, source patches, binaries and documentation are available from our ftp site, and our mirror sites. The source is not necessary for installation and configuration. Pre-compiled binary distributions are available for most supported platforms.

Before downloading the binaries read the following 3 files:

There is some information comparing the hardware support in the 3.3.x versus the 4.x series in the driver status document; check there to see if your hardware is supported. Our documentation, including the man pages, is available online.

4.0.2 can also be obtained directly from our public CVS server. The tag is xf-4_0_2. Post release fixes will be found on the xf-4_0_2-branch branch.