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OpenOffice 613 for PPC/Linux Availble

Jan 18, 2001, 19:37 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to jeramy b smith for this link. ]

Note: OpenOffice for MacOS X is not due until the spring.


   Announcing the release of the port of OpenOffice 613
   (formerly Star Office) to PPC Linux.

   Download Sites

   Changes From Open Office 609
   1. Works with the Blackdown JDK 1.3 now (select in the installer)
   2. bridges code now functions and exceptions now work
   3. Mysterious hangs on exit are now fixed.
   4. False warning messages have been removed
   5. An Xprt server is now supported automatically for printing

   Install Instructions
   This thing is huge, you need probably 250 meg free at least.

   tar -zxf oo613b_installer.tar.gz
   cd installer_613
   chown -R your_favorite_userid:your_favorite_group ./

   The installer is graphical (use XFree86)

   To install OpenOffice simply run the following command:


   To run OpenOffice cd to your installation site and run
   the following command:


   Source Code
   The source code is also available at the same download sites
   along with a few late patches that are not part of the official
   613 tree. If you are interested in building your own from source
   or joining in the openoffice porting effort please see
   BEFORE starting your build. WARNING: you need
   the very latest toolchain from Franz Sirl, and lots and lots of
   disk space and time (over 12 hours build time on my G3 400 machine
   with 256M of ram).

   Known Bugs and Issues
   1. This is a very experimental port and printing only works
   if you have an XPRINT server running locally on your machine
   (see XFree86 docs on how to use/setup an Xprint server)

   2. Bug in some unused options like Broswer->Cache, and Bibliography

   3. Still no spell checking

   This port is the work of numerous people who have helped
   to make OpenOffice work on PPC Linux. The list of
   contributors includes (in no particular order) Jason Stewart,
   Rich Johnson, Scott Hutinger, Kevin Hendricks, Daniel Boelzle,
   Philipp Lohmann, Sander Vesik, Bob Meader, and many others.
   Also a special thanks to the original StarOffice team for
   making such great software to begin with.


   Kevin B. Hendricks