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Internet Product Watch: Zend PHP Tools

Jan 24, 2001, 03:48 (2 Talkback[s])

By IPW Staff, IPW

Development And Server Tools For PHP Sites

Zend Technologies, well known for having provided the Zend Engine in the most recent release of the popular server scripting language PHP, now offers a series of tools and services specifically for PHP developers and/or administrators in charge of PHP based Web sites. Among the tools offered:

Zend Cache: increases PHP site performance by storing a compiled version of PHP scripts in Web server cache memory for quick retrieval. PHP scripts need only be recompiled once when they are modified.

Zend Optimizer: Speeds execution time of PHP applications via multi-pass code optimization.

Zend Encoder SE and Unlimited: allows development houses to release their PHP apps to purchasers without revealing the source code. The Unlimited version of the tool creates a platform independent binary that can be distributed to as many users as desired; the SE version allows limited distribution of scripts in combination with the Zend RunTime plug-in (which itself is purchased in 5, 10, or 100 unit bundles).

Zend IDE: development environment for the PHP scripter. Includes a remote debugger for debugging scripts on the server, and a text editor with highlighting both for HTML and PHP elements.

The Zend PHP tools are available now; pricing varies by module. Visit the Zend Technologies Web site for details.

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